The End of An Era

5.4 Miles
Sobering Strides

This week has been a hubbub of moving, shaking and general chaos making.  Let’s just say that this lack of sleep, stress, etc. has left me doing crazy things -such as leaving hand prints and butt prints down the windshield of my car from these very late night shennanigans.


Fear not, the car was not in motion. That was the boys’ number one fear when they saw the picture- “How did you hold on Mom!”

I finally got my life pieced together enough (aka I found my underwear – woo hoo!) to head out for a run after about 6 days sans strides.  Since I moved right near a trail (actually the same trail I lived on before, just about 3 miles down from where I used to start), I decided to have the boys grab their bikes for a slow easy run.

I usually spend my time on runs like this going really slow, doubling back and coaxing the boys to bike faster, while I sport some seriously slow splits.

Uh….not today.

IMG_3939This was the closest these little buttheads got to me – they were off running and forcing me to run sub-8 miles in the midday summer heat while I was screaming “SLOW DOWN!” through gasping breaths for 40-some odd delirious minutes…which was not what I was expecting – like at all.

In the end, I realized just how out of shape the last month or so of ‘eh’ attitude have gotten me and collapsed in the front yard of the new place….


This fatigue may have been from the 200 meter race with the kid on the bike and me on my feet, not the actual run. Dang right we tied.

I guess this was evidence that the little boys are growing up.  Soon they’ll be running laps around me, instead of me dragging them down the road….

Have you had any unexpected workouts lately?


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