Them Are Some Crazy Genes

0.2 miles (from the dinner counter and back x6)
Zilch Zip Nada Strides

In the spirit of having to do grown up things like buy a refrigerator and feed small humans (okay, not going to lie, I went out to dinner with the girls #priorities)….I ditched my run today.

That said, I received a CD from one of the moms at school with these gems of Strawberry from Field Day.  I am always amazed at his running form – it’s always flawless and perfect without any effort…unlike mine.

Anywho, while his form may be fabulous, I was cracking up looking at his face during this race.

IMG_3156 IMG_3157Then I remembered some things are genetic.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.36.27 PM.png

Thanks to Skinny Runner for finishing that shot out beautifully.  Modeling agencies from around the globe were seeking us out after this little gem.

Luckily he also gets some of my other fine features like:  crashing blood sugar associated with crabbiness, excessive stubbornness, chicken legs and a total inability to decide between two dessert options.

That said, I’d give my left (maybe it should be my janky right though) leg to be able to run with the perfect form he has.  On my bucket list to do this summer is to go get a gait analysis done to find out why I am so awkward and injury prone when I run (note: this does nothing to explain the 90% of the time when I am not running and still awkward which is a bummer).  While it may not answer the deep, burning questions I have about life, it will likely explain my calf and/or hip pain that seems to nag.

Have you ever had a gait analysis done?
To be honest, I’m kind of nervous about it all…last time I had something similar done I made an inappropriate joke about the physical therapist asking me to run with my legs further apart and referencing that it must be what it’s like to run with man bits between my legs.

Do you make horrible faces when you run?
Please tell me I’m not alone….


4 thoughts on “Them Are Some Crazy Genes

  1. Kids always look great, IMHO. They haven’t developed any of our bad habits, yet. My daughter has spectacular form and I don’t ever want it to go away!

    You’re speedy anyhow, so I wouldn’t sweat it!

  2. When people ask me about form, at some point in the discussion, I usually reference kids – and how they just “know” how to run. Of course, that doesn’t provide many practical tips (that’s my job), but almost everyone nods, and knows how care-free child running looks.

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