You Can’t Win ‘Em All

While my hammy seems to be on the mend, I’m not  running much these days (hello 8-mile week last week) because I’m moving in 9 days, with exactly 2 weeks to get packed up and moved (thanks hot housing market).

IMG_3812This weekend we took a little packing break (okay half a day) to  go see Strawberry kick it at his first track meet.

The day started out with a bunch of kids with a bunch of nerves, involved a lot of tears (oh, how hard it is to realize EVERYONE can’t win), and parents sat in the bleachers wondering aloud why no one brought mimosas or bloody mary’s or mimosas in coffee cups).

While Strawberry is a pretty fleet-footed kid – participating in a city-wide track meet with 3 elementary schools proved to test his abilities and there were lots of tears, frustrations, and the constant need to “refocus”.

IMG_3814Fourth place finishes were celebrated by mom but met with his tearful, “Well 3 people finished before me…” attitude.  *head slap*  Where does he get this?  No one talks to him like that…sometimes parenting a super motivated child is so fun.  That said, if he would channel some of that laser-like motivation to cleaning his room from time to time, I’d be pee my pants happy.

As with most things (let’s face it, there are some things that will never happen no matter how hard I try, like running a sub 3-marathon and getting a gig as a super model), diligence, focus, and a little natural talent will eventually pay off in the end and squeals of joy were heard for miles around (mostly from him, but a little from me) when he got first in the hurdles.

IMG_3825Things I learned at the first kiddo track meet:
-I still get nervous for the little fella
-I yell a lot (shocking, I know)
-He has my running faults (please for the love of the land don’t look behind you, just focus on the finish)
-While we had fun, little brother was certainly bored


Yep, that’s Vanilla out in the middle of the field, resetting his introverted people-meter

How do you encourage your kids to celebrate victories?

How do you survive half-day sporting events?



4 thoughts on “You Can’t Win ‘Em All

  1. As someone sans kiddos, I shall answer neither question, but merely exclaim, “OH MY! Those hurdles are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. My oldest kid refuses for me to attend his track meets. He says it affect his finishing times. WTH? So I snuck to the last track meet to secretly watch. Sheesh.

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