I Still Haven’t Won a Prize

On Thursday I headed out to the Road Runner Thursday Adventure Run.

This chick was supposed to meet me there, but she bailed citing injuries, and the desire to check out the brahs getting crushed by killer surf.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 8.47.19 AM.pngI suppose forgiveness is in the air….so we can let this one slide.

If you’re not familiar, the Adventure Runs involve showing up to your local Road Runner Sports….

Checking in (if you register online before the event you get a free beer ticket)



IMG_3784Get the giant map (they can email it to you too)

IMG_3785Then run around for 60 minutes trying to get tickets from each of the locations mapped out.    After 60 minutes there are raffles for some pretty awesome prizes.  This time around they gave out a few Garmins, probably 6 pairs of New Balance and Sketchers shoes, some gift certificates for local restaurants and therapy providers (Ahem, I’m still mad that Rausch Physical Therapy didn’t rig it so I could get a free gait analysis….)

Anyway, as per usual – I didn’t win anything from a raffle, but people next to me did.  And the non-runner even gave her Zensah compression sleeves away to Lauren the crazy fun New Balance rep we had dinner with after.

IMG_3792Since I teach on Thursday nights during the school year, I always look forward to these runs in the summer.  Whether you’re a speed demon or a walker, big or small, jogging stroller or strapping your 90-year old Grandma on your back…the event is totally doable for anyone.

I particularly love that I get to see TONS of people from the local running community that I see around races, on the trails, etc. and it gives you a fun way to interact beyond the awkward and breathless “Good morning!” as you whiz by one another on the local streets/trails.

And no, Road Runner did not ask me to post about this…I genuinely like this event.  The only compensation I got was someone (who didn’t even know I blogged) offered me a second free cold one for dessert.  #summernightsareawesome

IMG_3793Do you have a local running event you like to attend?

How do you handle it when you see another runner when you’re out on your runs?  Ignore, engage, run across to the other side of the street?


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