True Confession Thursday: Motherly Musings

Too Many Minutes on the Bike
Spinny Strides

Not much to really write about since my bum hammy has me doing a little less running than usual, but a few fitness/mothering related musings…

-I’m totally digging this recipe here – literally can’t get enough.  So many good fats, proteins, and it is even an anti-parasitic.  Say what?!  Believe it or not, I would have PAID for this knowledge four years ago when Chocolate came home and we spend about 5 months giving each other giardia.  *shudder*


Trust me, it tastes WAY better than it looks

-Are my sons the only ones who constantly have dirt literally caked into every crevice of their ears?  Good news – a bit o’ coconut oil on a Q-tip takes it right off without any tears or fighting.  Plus your bambinos smell like coconutty goodness…Resist the urge to add rum….shake and put to bed. 🙂

-The other day I was cooking in the kitchen wearing a sports bra (don’t ask, I hate doing laundry and showering) and Vanilla came up and pointed out that instead of a 6 pack, I only have a 2 pack, but it’s okay because most people have no packs.  Kindergarteners – can’t live without ’em, can’t do enough sit ups for ’em.

-Thanks to my family I started watching The Killing and it is almost good enough to *almost* make me break the 6-month treadmill free streak just to watch it on Netflix while I run.


-The other day I had the following convo with Strawberry.
Strawberry:  Mom, why do you drink coffee almost every day?
Me:  Because you make me.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Motherly Musings

  1. 1. Group Giardia. Sounds awful. I’m so sorry.
    2. I am reading about Coconut Oil ev-ry-where these days. Sounds like something else to try to hunt down out here… Although, given the prevalence of coconuts, it shouldn’t be too hard… *fingers crossed*?
    3. Your laundry comments crack me up. I was just commenting to a friend today that my life sometimes feels like a never-ending battle with piles of stinky workout gear (and we don’t even have any kiddos in the equation).

    That is all. I’m off to get some coffee. [And again, even without kiddos. Whoops!]

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