The Flight of the Bumblebee

That wasn’t….

4 miles
Strained Strides

On Saturday equipped with Gu Chews and a bottle of Nuun, I set out to conquer Top of the World – one of my favorite running trails….and I was apparently inspired to dress like a bumble bee as well.


Why yes that is a water bottle tucked into my pants…

Instead, this little bumble bee never took flight – plagued by tight a gnarly tight hamstring that didn’t seem right to run on about 2 miles in (it was along, arduous walk back to my car).

I have been plagued by tightness and unsure of where all of this funky right leg/back pseudo-injuries have been coming from….until I saw this (thanks Laguna Hills 10k for the photo evidence).


My leg’s so dark and twisty, Christina Yang and Meredith Grey are jealous.

Freak stride?  Nope, not that lucky….further evidence of my tweaky tricks…

Janky leg say what?

Janky leg say what?  But must say I’ve got some mad hops when I’m running sub-7’s…

WTH am I doing with my right foot when I run?

*le sigh*

I’ve seen more grace out of a pimply faced adolescent boy trying to get his groove on at the jr. high dance with his size 11 feet, and 5’2″ frame.  Yeesh!

My hammy is still tighter than JLo’s body suits, so until I get that mess under control I’m just riding my bike (blech, blerg) and salivating thinking about the run I missed on Saturday just dealing with it.

Lest you think I get my awkward, gangly Taylor Swift on with every stride, let me assure you, I’m only awkward 90% of the time.  Thanks to the photog for giving me one graceful moment….well except for that weird looking thigh thing, but hey beggars can’t be choosers.

Hey there, 1992 called and it wants all it's neon colors back.

Hey there, 1992 called and it wants all it’s neon colors back.

So my question for those of you who know anything about anything out there….

Why am I running like a freak?
Aside from the obvious…and please dear family members, do not use this question as an open forum to state reasons that should forever be kept secret.

Do you have a funny stride tick you need to kick?

If you’ve kicked a funky tick how did you do it?


8 thoughts on “The Flight of the Bumblebee

  1. This is my favorite thing about race pictures – the runDisney meetup was the best source, really. I figured out that my right leg is stiff as a board, and lands squarely in a gnarly heel-strike-how-does-my-leg-not-break-already stance, while my left glides down leisurely to a mid-foot light and easy strike.

    I haven’t fixed it, but I can totally feel it when I run – right foot THUMP, left foot smooth, right foot THUMP, left foot smooth. ANNOYING.

    I don’t know anything helpful for your twisty leg, though. So helpful.

  2. Hard to know just from the photos, but you might have a strength imbalance somewhere (groin? hamstring?) or a super tight right hip? [THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, I’M JUST SPECULATING BASED ON TWO PHOTOS.] Might be worth seeing a well-recommended physical therapist or sports trainer to get an evaluation and some exercise suggestions. Only trick is finding a really good, experienced, reliable person to do it… :-/

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