The End of An Era

5.4 Miles
Sobering Strides

This week has been a hubbub of moving, shaking and general chaos making.  Let’s just say that this lack of sleep, stress, etc. has left me doing crazy things -such as leaving hand prints and butt prints down the windshield of my car from these very late night shennanigans.


Fear not, the car was not in motion. That was the boys’ number one fear when they saw the picture- “How did you hold on Mom!”

I finally got my life pieced together enough (aka I found my underwear – woo hoo!) to head out for a run after about 6 days sans strides.  Since I moved right near a trail (actually the same trail I lived on before, just about 3 miles down from where I used to start), I decided to have the boys grab their bikes for a slow easy run.

I usually spend my time on runs like this going really slow, doubling back and coaxing the boys to bike faster, while I sport some seriously slow splits.

Uh….not today.

IMG_3939This was the closest these little buttheads got to me – they were off running and forcing me to run sub-8 miles in the midday summer heat while I was screaming “SLOW DOWN!” through gasping breaths for 40-some odd delirious minutes…which was not what I was expecting – like at all.

In the end, I realized just how out of shape the last month or so of ‘eh’ attitude have gotten me and collapsed in the front yard of the new place….


This fatigue may have been from the 200 meter race with the kid on the bike and me on my feet, not the actual run. Dang right we tied.

I guess this was evidence that the little boys are growing up.  Soon they’ll be running laps around me, instead of me dragging them down the road….

Have you had any unexpected workouts lately?


Them Are Some Crazy Genes

0.2 miles (from the dinner counter and back x6)
Zilch Zip Nada Strides

In the spirit of having to do grown up things like buy a refrigerator and feed small humans (okay, not going to lie, I went out to dinner with the girls #priorities)….I ditched my run today.

That said, I received a CD from one of the moms at school with these gems of Strawberry from Field Day.  I am always amazed at his running form – it’s always flawless and perfect without any effort…unlike mine.

Anywho, while his form may be fabulous, I was cracking up looking at his face during this race.

IMG_3156 IMG_3157Then I remembered some things are genetic.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.36.27 PM.png

Thanks to Skinny Runner for finishing that shot out beautifully.  Modeling agencies from around the globe were seeking us out after this little gem.

Luckily he also gets some of my other fine features like:  crashing blood sugar associated with crabbiness, excessive stubbornness, chicken legs and a total inability to decide between two dessert options.

That said, I’d give my left (maybe it should be my janky right though) leg to be able to run with the perfect form he has.  On my bucket list to do this summer is to go get a gait analysis done to find out why I am so awkward and injury prone when I run (note: this does nothing to explain the 90% of the time when I am not running and still awkward which is a bummer).  While it may not answer the deep, burning questions I have about life, it will likely explain my calf and/or hip pain that seems to nag.

Have you ever had a gait analysis done?
To be honest, I’m kind of nervous about it all…last time I had something similar done I made an inappropriate joke about the physical therapist asking me to run with my legs further apart and referencing that it must be what it’s like to run with man bits between my legs.

Do you make horrible faces when you run?
Please tell me I’m not alone….

I’m Not Dead

4.5 Miles
Stranger Danger Strides (yes I ran with a stranger)

Yes I’ve been MIA.  I’d like to think that it’s because I’ve been sitting around taking part in marathons that involve binging on chocolate and trashy TV, but alas, it’s mostly because I’ve changed up the ol’ routine.  Bye bye crazy strides, hello, cross training and weight lifting.


Packing the contents of the home with one adult and 3 tiny-ish humans is exhausting.  And yes, I even got the bunk beds down myself.  #proudmoment

Don’t worry, I did some serious heavy lifting of other sorts on a few pack breaks over the weekend, so you can’t feel too sorry for me.


And besides, those champagne glasses were really heavy as well….

IMG_3876With a move looming over me the last few days, and leading up to the big haul this week, the blog’s been a little sidelined….along with my running.

That said, this morning I hit the road for an early run and ended up literally running into a local runner, we peeled a few miles out together and I forgot just how delightful the running community can be…mostly because I haven’t been running that much.

I suppose carrying your body weight times 20 up and down the stairs for days on end will rob of you motivation rather quickly.  But I guess ants do that every day, so why am I complaining?

In non-related running news – are you a lover or hater of moving?
I LOVE I have purged so much stuff from the house…but am starting to wonder just how empty the new place will be now that I’ve gotten rid of so much.  That said I just want to be in my new bed, in my new room, with my new patio furniture serving up drinks to whomever wants to come over.  Any takers?

True Confession Thursday: Getting Runchy

???  Strides
OMG I’m not Even Really Tracking Strides Anymore
#whoami #wheresstridingmom

As a full-time working mom, I’m often asked when I run.

My answer:  Whenever I can

As I have alluded to, I have a pretty…errrr…unique work schedule.  I work from home a lot of the time and have a pretty flexible work schedule (yes my favorite time of day to work is about 5:30-7am ).  But one of my favorite things is runch.

What is runch you ask? It’s like brunch, but instead of stuffing my face with calories, I burn them.  And I wear spandex instead of fancy clothes.  And I drink after runch instead of during brunch.

So brunch and runch pretty much have nothing in common except 5 letters and occurring roughly around the same time of day.


The perks of runch:

Getting Unstuck.  Truth be told, on some days I get stuck under the steady influx of emails, calendar requests, and the general desire to bang my head against the wall when I’m troubleshooting the same issue for the 93rd time that day.  40 minutes on the trails, street, or just running in circles usually gives my brain enough time to step away long enough to come back renewed and refreshed.

Pardon My Caffeine.  It makes for a great excuse to sip on some Nuun Cherry Limeade and sneak in an early afternoon dose of caffeine.


#Nuunme  This was after a good ol’ runch the other day

Brain Games.  Study after study after study show that moving your body turns on your brain. You’re more creative, more alert, and more effective in getting your work done.  According to this FastCompany article, running makes you a genius.  They said it therefore it must be true.

One of the most cited articles was from Newsweek a few years back.  They noted:

Almost every dimension of cognition improves from 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, and creativity is no exception. The type of exercise doesn’t matter, and the boost lasts for at least two hours afterward.

Since my smarts pretty much disappeared when I became a mom, I’ll take a boost of anything I can get to give me an edge.

Geniuses spend the entire day looking for their shopping list which was in their sports bra for 5 hours.

Geniuses spend the entire day looking for their shopping list which was in their sports bra for 5 hours. #truestory

But seriously, some of the most fascinating research finds that if you’re an active person, the most effective thing you can do to get the creative juices flowing is to shake your tail feather for about 20-40 minutes.  I honestly have some of my best “ah ha” moments for work when I take a little midday run break.  The situation that seemed to have no solution suddenly has one, and my productivity definitely peaks for a while after.

Working on My Runner’s Tan.  Because nothing says check me out like a white racerback tan line  and a nice “high 5” (five inches of white thigh up high). I wouldn’t want to let these sexy features fade into oblivion.

IMG_3528Do you ever runch?  If so, what’s the biggest perk for you?

What’s your favorite time of day to workout?

I actually prefer the first thing in the morning run (I know, I know….)

You Can’t Win ‘Em All

While my hammy seems to be on the mend, I’m not  running much these days (hello 8-mile week last week) because I’m moving in 9 days, with exactly 2 weeks to get packed up and moved (thanks hot housing market).

IMG_3812This weekend we took a little packing break (okay half a day) to  go see Strawberry kick it at his first track meet.

The day started out with a bunch of kids with a bunch of nerves, involved a lot of tears (oh, how hard it is to realize EVERYONE can’t win), and parents sat in the bleachers wondering aloud why no one brought mimosas or bloody mary’s or mimosas in coffee cups).

While Strawberry is a pretty fleet-footed kid – participating in a city-wide track meet with 3 elementary schools proved to test his abilities and there were lots of tears, frustrations, and the constant need to “refocus”.

IMG_3814Fourth place finishes were celebrated by mom but met with his tearful, “Well 3 people finished before me…” attitude.  *head slap*  Where does he get this?  No one talks to him like that…sometimes parenting a super motivated child is so fun.  That said, if he would channel some of that laser-like motivation to cleaning his room from time to time, I’d be pee my pants happy.

As with most things (let’s face it, there are some things that will never happen no matter how hard I try, like running a sub 3-marathon and getting a gig as a super model), diligence, focus, and a little natural talent will eventually pay off in the end and squeals of joy were heard for miles around (mostly from him, but a little from me) when he got first in the hurdles.

IMG_3825Things I learned at the first kiddo track meet:
-I still get nervous for the little fella
-I yell a lot (shocking, I know)
-He has my running faults (please for the love of the land don’t look behind you, just focus on the finish)
-While we had fun, little brother was certainly bored


Yep, that’s Vanilla out in the middle of the field, resetting his introverted people-meter

How do you encourage your kids to celebrate victories?

How do you survive half-day sporting events?


I Still Haven’t Won a Prize

On Thursday I headed out to the Road Runner Thursday Adventure Run.

This chick was supposed to meet me there, but she bailed citing injuries, and the desire to check out the brahs getting crushed by killer surf.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 8.47.19 AM.pngI suppose forgiveness is in the air….so we can let this one slide.

If you’re not familiar, the Adventure Runs involve showing up to your local Road Runner Sports….

Checking in (if you register online before the event you get a free beer ticket)



IMG_3784Get the giant map (they can email it to you too)

IMG_3785Then run around for 60 minutes trying to get tickets from each of the locations mapped out.    After 60 minutes there are raffles for some pretty awesome prizes.  This time around they gave out a few Garmins, probably 6 pairs of New Balance and Sketchers shoes, some gift certificates for local restaurants and therapy providers (Ahem, I’m still mad that Rausch Physical Therapy didn’t rig it so I could get a free gait analysis….)

Anyway, as per usual – I didn’t win anything from a raffle, but people next to me did.  And the non-runner even gave her Zensah compression sleeves away to Lauren the crazy fun New Balance rep we had dinner with after.

IMG_3792Since I teach on Thursday nights during the school year, I always look forward to these runs in the summer.  Whether you’re a speed demon or a walker, big or small, jogging stroller or strapping your 90-year old Grandma on your back…the event is totally doable for anyone.

I particularly love that I get to see TONS of people from the local running community that I see around races, on the trails, etc. and it gives you a fun way to interact beyond the awkward and breathless “Good morning!” as you whiz by one another on the local streets/trails.

And no, Road Runner did not ask me to post about this…I genuinely like this event.  The only compensation I got was someone (who didn’t even know I blogged) offered me a second free cold one for dessert.  #summernightsareawesome

IMG_3793Do you have a local running event you like to attend?

How do you handle it when you see another runner when you’re out on your runs?  Ignore, engage, run across to the other side of the street?

True Confession Thursday: Motherly Musings

Too Many Minutes on the Bike
Spinny Strides

Not much to really write about since my bum hammy has me doing a little less running than usual, but a few fitness/mothering related musings…

-I’m totally digging this recipe here – literally can’t get enough.  So many good fats, proteins, and it is even an anti-parasitic.  Say what?!  Believe it or not, I would have PAID for this knowledge four years ago when Chocolate came home and we spend about 5 months giving each other giardia.  *shudder*


Trust me, it tastes WAY better than it looks

-Are my sons the only ones who constantly have dirt literally caked into every crevice of their ears?  Good news – a bit o’ coconut oil on a Q-tip takes it right off without any tears or fighting.  Plus your bambinos smell like coconutty goodness…Resist the urge to add rum….shake and put to bed. 🙂

-The other day I was cooking in the kitchen wearing a sports bra (don’t ask, I hate doing laundry and showering) and Vanilla came up and pointed out that instead of a 6 pack, I only have a 2 pack, but it’s okay because most people have no packs.  Kindergarteners – can’t live without ’em, can’t do enough sit ups for ’em.

-Thanks to my family I started watching The Killing and it is almost good enough to *almost* make me break the 6-month treadmill free streak just to watch it on Netflix while I run.


-The other day I had the following convo with Strawberry.
Strawberry:  Mom, why do you drink coffee almost every day?
Me:  Because you make me.

That is all.