True Confession Thursday: Mom Schtuff

3 miles
Slow Sweaty Strides

Some days, parenting can be so much fun.  I get to have conversations with littles that go something like this….

I take the boys out for a nice little dinner and Strawberry references the nice couple near us…Ummm…okay.

That nice couple....

That nice couple….is wallpapered next to us.

I also get fabulous little art projects sent home.  Nice elephant puppet, don’t mind if I do….


Why yes that is a zombie elephant!

And then there’s days where I have to be responsible….ahem…school fundraisers….This week my kid’s school had an auction, and I have to say that I was so grateful by the support of the local running community who made some fabulous donations to make a Get Fit Basket for my kid’s PTA fundraiser (hey we gotta give ’em art and library books somehow).


First of all, Renegade Racing (who ran the Laguna Hills Half Marathon) donated 2 entries to the iTryathlon (for a mom and child) and 1 entry to the Renegade Trail Series Summer Run.  They also threw in some water bottles, hats, and some sunglasses making the basket mega-awesome.

Showing off our bling at the iTryathlon last year.

Showing off our bling at the iTryathlon last year.  Both Strawberry and myself participated with our moms.

Nuun also donated a 4-pack tube and a water bottle to ensure proper hydration for these super fun summer events.  Or, for the more lighthearted use, they can always test out some of Oual’s Nuun cocktails.


Stay un-thirsty my friends….

A super shout out to the local Snail’s Pace which also donated some water bottles, socks, and a watch.

All in all…it was a basket I was insanely jealous of and wish I could have bid on…but alas, life calls and I apparently have parental responsibilities, a vacation and a wedding interfering with the donated events, but there’s going to be one fun family having an active summer out there! We can always count of the running community to pull through when we need.

When did you last see some running generosity?
At Boston right before the race (and the other stuff) the man in front of me gave me 2 of his 4 wipes because they were out of toilet paper and mine was on the bus.  It was such a touching (no pun intended) moment, because I would have probably paid handsomely for his loot to clean my booty.


4 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Mom Schtuff

  1. I am loving the wallpaper couple!

    This weekend my running club is sponsoring a race where all proceeds will go to local Boston victims Erika Brannock and Nicole Gross…the two are sisters and were there watching their mom. One lost a leg and the other had both legs broken. Awesome cause and one that everyone is excited to support!

  2. There’s less “running for a cause” out here, and people are pretty insular at races. But I dabble on the edge of a trail running group that is, genuinely, “no runner left behind”. Sometimes people will show up for trail runs looking WOEFULLY unprepared (poor clothing choices, no hydration, carrying bags, etc.), but the group still welcomez them, tries to find an appropriate distance/turn-around, and makes sure they finish safely. It would be so easy to turn them away, for not being experienced/ready/whatever – but they are always welcomed with open arms. Major kudos to the organizers for that one – even though it means some extra, annoying responsibility (and sometimes that they sacrifice their run for the sake of leaving no one behind). I’ve seen it happen several times, and I remain impressed!

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