Loose & Limber

4ish miles
Snippy Strides



Laid Back.

Yep, none of these describe me.

In fact, I’m not exactly sure how to describe my general demeanor, except that my family and friends pretty much tell me that you can spend 30 minutes with me each Wednesday night watching Modern Family.

Claire DunphyYep, Claire and I have the same awkward, passionate, one track mind, and uptight approach to life that makes us super fun to hang out with.  So, it’s not surprising that I constantly battle tightness in my ligaments and tendons.  Like…a LOT a lot..

Since Boston, I’ve been trying to stay on the offensive, rolling, twisting, stretching every which way to prevent tightness, but it just keeps migrating.  My work at home office, has gone from ergonomically correct desk work to looking something like this.

How do you teleconference at home?

How do you teleconference at home?

And like two teenagers incapable of keeping their hands off of one another, my lacrosse ball and I are having a pretty torrid affair these days….always connected at the hip (and foot, and calf, and hamstring…)



My approach to staying loose and limber:

-Stretch.  Yep that’s right…a little yoga, a little light stretching whenever I can fit it in.

Foam Roller.  I’ve written about it before, but I try to make sure I spend some quality time with the foam roller.  For Mother’s Day, my foam roller got taken to a whole ‘nother level by upgrading to the Grid with trigger point technology.

GRID 1.0-Why Yogi?  I’m not super diligent about it, but when I am I do notice a big difference when I’m doing yoga.  Even if I’m not carving out a ton of time for it, I’m sure to do a few basic stretches (IT band flow, lunges, etc.) throughout the day.

I know there’s a million other ways to keep things loose and limber (ahem, a margarita might work from time to time right?!), anyone care to share?


11 thoughts on “Loose & Limber

  1. I like rolling after I have a hot shower in the morning, it seems to really loosen things up! Also “Tiger Tails” and “The Stick” are good things to have in your muscle-loosening tool kit.

  2. I think my biggest help on it is to keep in motion as much as possible. I’ve got a treadmill desk now, and I LOVE how it helps my body feel good. Put me in a chair for an hour or two, and I get tight/achey. I also love a good spin on the bike to loosen up the legs…

    Good luck figuring out what works best for you.

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