Monday Musings

13ish miles over the weekend
Sentimental Strides

This weekend was one of nostalgia…on Saturday, my “big kids” graduated.  I’ve got my neapolitan crew (little kids), but I also teach at a local University (my big kids), so May is pretty special because I get to see them move onto bigger or better things…or with this economy back into Mom and Dad’s house.

In a world of Sheldons and Leonards I'm always a Wolowitz....

In a world of Sheldons and Leonards I’m always a Wolowitz….

Between that, the picture perfect weather,and still working through the burnout that was the Boston training cycle, I have just been running how far I want, how fast I want…Kind of fartleking my workouts.

No looking at a watch, GPS or anything…just run and check out the details later (wait…you thought I wasn’t tracking it?!?  Hogwash…I’m a runner, of course I’m tracking it, I just don’t have to look at it until later).

Have their been hills?  Yep….lots of ’em.
Have their been steady jogs?  Indeed!
Have their been breathless, pushing it runs?  When I feel like it.

But mostly, I’m just running however feels good at the time.

With a nice base run of about 5 miles 3-4 and 1 longer (8-10 mile) run a week, I’ve been clipping out around 7:15-7:40 paces on most of my runs….perhaps it’s the fabulous scenery….


Dana Point Sunday Morning Run….me and 10,000+ of my closest friends

But mostly it’s because I’m relaxed and just running less mileage (more like 25 miles a week instead of 40…but even my 8.5 mile “long run” on Sunday averaged out around a comfortable 7:30 pace and I didn’t feel like i was pushing it that hard….so let’s go with it.

I know myself and know that if I run the Laguna Hills half marathon on Monday, I’ll probably die a slow painful death, have fun and push it really hard, melt into a puddle of sweat from the heat, push it and get hurt again.

I’m not in half marathon PR shape, and I know it.  I am, however, probably in a really good place to try and stretch myself to run a sub 42 minute 10k.  It will be a stretch, but I really think it’s possible.  So bye bye 1 half a month (though on a technicality, I ran a full in April, so that should count for 2 months, right?) and hello, smart, healthy, fun, unplugged running….

Do you ever run “unplugged”?

What’s next on your race docket?


One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. I usually wear my Garmin, but unless I have a specifically paced workout, I don’t check it that often. It helps that the heat and trail running totally whack out pacing, anyway… Hello to running by perceived effort! 🙂

    Probably a few fun/casual runs over the next three months. Bigger things brewing for Aug/Sept, but nothing official quite yet. Soon, though – soon! And I’m excited!

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