The Mother Runner

10 Miles
Stochastic Strides

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother runner

Mumsie poo & I!

Mumsie dearest (yes that’s how she’s listed in my phone) and I after the iTryathlon last year

In true mother runner form, she got a 5k in yesterday and I’m so proud of her as she shaved 2 minutes of her time!

IMG_3528For Mother’s Day, I was given a few hours yesterday to work on my killer running tan go do a long run playing in the trails.  I still haven’t had a run where I just felt 100% physically great since the Boston marathon, and yesterday the tides turned.

I set out on the trails to just run based on how I felt.  I was super cautious in the beginning and stayed away from monstrous hills (stuck to the more reasonable ones) and had a really…nice…run.

Most of the time I was thinking about if I want to do the Laguna Hills Half Marathon in 2 weeks.  The script in my mind throughout the run went something like this:

  • Oh this feels nice.  Half marathon for sure.
  • Who tied to weights to my legs at mile 3…Hello 10k, mama’s coming home to ya
  • You’ll be clawing your eyes out watching the halfers finish after a 10k, you know this right?
  • I can probably “race” a much faster 10k
  • Was that 4 consecutive sub-8 mile splits?  Halfsies for sure.
  • I’m so out of shape 10k, indeed
  • Bathroom.  Bathroom.  Bathroom.  
  • Water.  Water.  Water.

The run was mostly uneventful which is exactly how you want them, until 5 when I realized I was 2.5 miles away from the nearest bathroom.  I was really hoping to not have to use the sweaty emergency stash of TP in my pocket, so I ran like the wind to try to get to the bathroom so I didn’t

poo my pance
(Yes, this was an actual search term that led some poor soul to my blog yesterday.)

Luckily I didn’t (poo my pants that is) and chalked up to mid-run speed work and after 10 miles I decided to call it conservative quits for the sake of not pushing it too far given the tweaks and tightness that I’ve been dealing with.  I then recovered the best way possible

Babes at the beach

Babes at the beach

Tell me about your mother runner?  

How did you celebrate your Mother’s Day?


6 thoughts on “The Mother Runner

  1. We totally rocked it that day! I’m so glad you didn’t poo your pance yesterday. Can’t wait to run (you walk can walk fast) together in June!

  2. Bahaha! Awesome search term. 🙂 Yesterday, I got this one: ” ‘baggage’ tv show participant holly who claimed she made the mile high club”. I have no idea.

    My mother runner…was on her high school’s first female track team (just-post-Title IV). She ran the 800m, and placed in all her races (she says, and why would I care to check that?)! Then she stopped running for thirty years. Now, she does an easy run or run/jog, initially for her health, and now because she enjoys it. My Mother Runner rocks! [As does yours – triathlon = AWESOME!]

    We celebrated with all the mothers in my husband’s family today! Of course, I missed my own Mom, but it’s been many, many years since we’ve been able to celebrate with them. They are an incredible group of ladies – What a blessing!

  3. Cherry on the sundae today was ordering new kicks. Finally wore my first New Balance Minimus out. I think the treads on my shoes wore out before my tires did 😉 Wish I could have had all daughters (Moms) to celebrate today with, but any day that we are all together in heart and spirit is Mother’s Day to me. Love you three big time.

    • I may never, ever be able to give you fashion advice on what shoes look best with what…but I can always tell you where to look to get fleet feet 🙂 Missed you too Mumsie Poo, but if you want to do Mom’s Day – we should do it at the beach, right?

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