True Confession Thursday: Getting Funky

30 minutes elliptical, 1 mile jog
Funky Strides

New tires!

New tires!

On Saturday morning I had a fantastic run.  I got myself some new kicks, headed out for my first 5+ mile run since Boston and after 8 miles I felt like I could have easily gone for 5+ more, except my legs were just super tight.

So I ended it there because I was also responsible for getting the fixins for a soccer party ready.  Way to kill my endorphin buzz parental responsibilities.

The tightness has been lingering since Boston.  Like I said, my body is just not recovering well.  Yes, it’s been 3 weeks, but I’m not back to normal.  Yes, it makes me feel lame – especially when I hang out with a lot of people who run marathons like I eat cheerios for breakfast.

But it’s my reality – I carry a pretty heavy “life” load, so I don’t get to train when and how I want, recover like I should, and my life is a little more unpredictable than the average bear’s.

Perfect example:  snapshot from Tuesday evening.

IMG_3527Running hat:  check
Running shorts:  check
Running shirt:  check
Time in the day to actually get the running done:  uncheck

I literally stayed in my running clothes all day long hoping to squeeze in a few miles and the day just slipped by without any sweaty strides in sight.  I actually think that’s the reason I was sleep walking last night – trying to get my wiggles in somehow!

That said, I’m waiting for the funk to pass and my body and brain to just align.  I have a race on the deck for Memorial Day weekend, but it will very likely just be a fun run more than a race (the course is literally a mile from my house).

How do you get past your funky place?
I’ve been mixing it up a bit – bike, elliptical, weight training, Body Pump classes, etc.  Plus I think a little more clock time and a lot of kid time should do the trick.

5 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Getting Funky

  1. I give myself a break on the schedule, and maybe take a day or two off, and wait for me to be begging myself to go for a workout. Something like ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’?

    When I’m training for something, I do my workouts “because I have to”. Of course, I usually enjoy them, too – but I don’t let myself pick and choose what I want to do. If it’s in the plan, and I’m feeling healthy, I do it. So when the event is over and I have some flexibility, it try not to follow a schedule. I’ll take a day or two off, then do what my BODY is demanding (easy run, yoga, whatever). It’s always refreshing to let myself CRAVE a workout – it reminds me how much I love what I do.

    Hope some relaxation, kid-time, and absence bring YOUR run-desire back to you soon, too!

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