PCRF 5K Race Review & Recap

8 Miles
Coulda Gone on Forever Strides

3.1 Miles
5k Dominating, Kid Wrangling Strides

This morning was the perfect morning to run a long distance race.  Mid-50’s, overcast with a slight mist and slight winds.  But I got to have the awesome experience of not having my physical endurance tried, just my emotional patience as I tried to wrangle 3 kids to the early start line of the PCRF 5k.

IMG_3501After an early wakeup call, and the realization that one of said children had hit up my waning supply of Nuun tattoos, we parked at the Irvine Spectrum and walked on over to the start line.

You want to know what’s more fun than finding out that there’s no bathroom lines at the Port-a-Potties?

Explaining why you must go to the bathroom to 3 kids between the ages of 6-8 and telling them they will absolutely not die going in to a portable bathroom.  Newsflash:  Everyone survived.


PCRF is a medium-sized, super family friendly race that really is the best of the best if you want your kids to try out a 5k.   It was Vanilla & Chocolate’s first 5k, and Strawberry walked around strutting his stuff trying to figure out if it was his day for a PR (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, but it wasn’t his fault).

We hit the starting line and caught Heather in the corral and set off.  Right away we split into two teams (one adult with Vanilla and Chocolate and Strawberry decided to try the “fast race” with me).  By the mile mark we realized that this was not Chocolate’s day and we were going far slower than his fleet footed brother’s patience could bear.  I spent the entire race trying to keep them from killing one another.  More on this later this week when I talk about how to race with small children.

It’s a relatively flat, quick course (maybe I’ve been running too many longer races, I have no idea what a good 5k course is anymore so correct me if I’m wrong) and with a half mile left I realized there was virtually no crowd support and I was watching kid after kid between the ages of 8-10 blow past us, so I let Strawberry take the wheels out for a little spin and told him to wait by the medal hander outer at the finish line until I got there.

Strawberry finished in 29 minutes and change.  Chocolate in 30:05 and Vanilla in 35 and change.  They had a great time running….but then the real fun began.


Jump around...jump up, jump and get down!

Jump around…jump up, jump and get down!

The expo after is pretty much every 5k running kid’s dream.  Despite the protests that the legs were too tired to walk/run on the course, they suddenly found renewed strength and stamina to tackle fun things like: trampoline jumping, waiting in line to get Jamba Juice, Juice it Up, popcorn, free hot dogs, free corn dogs, photo booths, caricature drawings, etc.  We stayed for several hours and probably could have lasted longer had the winds not picked up and I hadn’t started freezing.  #socalweenie

Corndogs at 8am?  Why not?!

Corndogs at 8am? Why not?!

I have to say that this race is so family friendly.  My grandmother was in town visiting and the parking was so far away from the post-race area and she has a hard time walking around.  I stopped by the solutions tent and within minutes they had me in a van driving to the Spectrum Center to pick her up….that’s taking family friendly to a whole ‘nother level.


Family bonding over the first 5k!

Overall, if you’re looking for a super family friend race or if your bambinos are wanting to take the 5k plunge, I couldn’t recommend this race any more highly.  It’s enough people to be exciting, not enough to worry about them getting chucked off the course like a person in Pamplona…the after race festivities are beyond fabulous and even the “inefficiencies” (craptastic parking) can provide a workaround if you need it.

Do you ever race with your kids?

What’s your favorite post-race activity?

2 thoughts on “PCRF 5K Race Review & Recap

  1. I agree with your review — a great race for kids/families! This was the third 5K for my 11-year-old but it was her first race running solo. She had no trouble following the course or meeting up with us after leaving the finish line chute. My other two girls loved the post-race activities and even the 4-year-old was allowed to strap on a harness and jump on the trampoline!

    • That’s awesome. My 8 year old is BEGGING to do a race solo and I keep telling him in a few years! So glad you had fun…the trampolines were a big hit here too!

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