True Confession Thursday: Kids, Kids, Kids….

5 Miles
Swimmy, Swammy, Samson Strides

You know those days where you just think you’ve had enough and then…

well, you open up a kid’s homework folder you see this.


When did “whore” get on the spelling list this week?

My response to my mom and sisters:  It’s nice to see Meg is happy to see her friends even if they are a little slutty.  

Funny how sometimes a little sideways “s” makes you change your perspective and chuckle (along with others).

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 6.58.29 AM.pngI’m slowly getting back into my running routine post-Boston.  Even 2 weeks out I can tell my recovery is still slow-going.  Yesterday I got a 5-miler in…and…

Yeah- hello inconsistency.  My splits are as varied as Lindsay Lohan’s personality these days.

For what it’s worth I’m pretty sure I stopped to stretch in mile 3 for a bit and forgot to turn my timer off, but I can’t be sure – it might very well be the strangest splits I’ve seen.

In other news, I have a BIG race this weekend.

3 boys 3 medals

Last year after the Laguna Hills 1k for Kids

And by big I mean HUGE…because not only are we running the PCRF 5k on Team Gab, but more importantly, the Vanilla & Chocolate are running their first 5k!

Strawberry’s already asked if I can “pace him to a new PR” (PR’s are a disease and he’s got it) in his efforts.  Given that they haven’t actually done a single training run – I’m thinking they’ll be…


Have you ever hung out with 3 little boys before?  Yes, they could be running better if we had done a training run or 5, but if I slapped a pedometer on their little feet, they probably run 3 miles every 30 minutes when they’re outside with the neighbor kids playing.

Do you ever run with your kids?

Do you ever race with your kids?
I do from time to time and it’s SOOOOO hard watching all the speedsters cruise by during the race knowing that I could be there pushing myself with them, but there’s nothing that replaces crossing the finish line and seeing the look on their faces – so speed on speedsters, I get the biggest hug at the end of the finish line that just can’t be replaced!


4 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Kids, Kids, Kids….

  1. My splits are as varied as Lindsay Lohan’s personality these days. – loved this line and it is the story of my running life!

    Hope you and the boys have fun at the 5k! Heather is right – the expo after is super fun.

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