True Confession Thursday: Short Shorts & Magic Mike

Today’s story is a sad one of janky legs, tweaky toes and my longing for some air on my legs.

In all the chaos about Boston – the excitement leading up to the race and the tragedy after, I never really mentioned my Friday morning before the race.


GIRL:  But mom, [sobbing hysterically] you don’t understand I can’t even walk on it.  My ankle’s so swollen and it’s been 4 days.  I’ve spent so much time getting ready for this and now…I’m just…[wiping snot from nose]…I’m just going to have to quit.  [Resume dramatic crying]

End Scene.


Oh and there was a lot of this….lacrosse ball rolling in the airport

Yep, that was me in the airport carrying on like a 5 year old who just found out that my mom put the dollar under my pillow instead of the tooth fairy the night before.  Long story short, I twisted my ankle on a rogue roller blade that was laying at the base of the stairs (perfect place for it) and spent Tuesday-Saturday with it swollen, burning and hard to even walk on.

IMG_3273I then rested all my hope on one man….Magic Mike Michael Melander.  Located right off of Boylston across from Copley Park, I begged pleaded cried desperately emailed him asking if he and his Active Release Tecnnique could do something to help my poor leg.

Bless him for rearranging his Red Sox game plans to accommodate seeing me.

Honestly, I don’t know what was wrong.  It was painful and Mike worked his magic for over an hour…and I ran a few miles after to keep it loose.

By Monday – the last thing on my mind as I toed the line was my ankle.

Thank you Magic Mike for getting my ankle in pecking order in order to tackle the 26.2 (or 26.almost6).  The unfortunate part is that at some point in the race my pes anserine bursa is a little pissed of….So bye bye short shorts and hello bike shorts.

2013-04-25While I miss the breeze on my knees and my hatred for the gym and spinning on a bike like a hamster has been rekindled, I know I just need to give it a few more days and I should be good to go.

Until then, I’ll just jealously stare at my Rogas and excessively mileaged out shoes.

What’s your favorite non-running cross-training?

Have you ever tried Active Release?
It’s my fave…I could not recommend it highly enough 🙂


7 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Short Shorts & Magic Mike

  1. Favorite…I’m a little promiscuous. Probably spinning, because it’s the best for keeping my legs in shape. But I do like swimming for the aerobic aspects. And BodyPump is just fun, and makes me feel like a bad ass. [Do I have to sensor my comments if your 8 year old is reading your blog? ;-)]

    I was just days away from calling the only ART folks in Singapore when my PF magically decided to go away. But after my recent travel, my achy hips is…well, a little achy. I’ve been doing the stretch/roll/tennis ball thing, but am thinking about paying someone to work on it a bit. Sounds like you’d suggest ART over any other type of massage/poking technique!

  2. good gawsh woman. We can’t have you all busted up like this. Please recover soon and enjoy the cross training. I like to cross train my sitting on my azz. If you sit for way way way too long, you can feel your booty burn from going numb. Not kidding. True story. Booty burn = workout.

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