Boston Strong

3 Miles
Boston Strong Strides

While I might not have been running my fastest, most pain-free strides yesterday, I laced up the shoes, taped up the janky knee and took my body out for my first post-Boston run….as I’ve been sticking to the bike since last Monday.

The doctor says taping it right gives you Shar Pei knee, I just think it makes me feel really old.

The doctor says taping it right gives you Shar Pei knee, I just think it makes me feel really old.

The event:  The BostonStrongLB & BostonStrongOC run (merged and hosted on the border of the two areas).

When I got there I found Pam, Monica, SkinnyRunneand a table of food.  Naturally I minimized all social interaction and stuffed my face while everyone gathered together.  Pam shared a few words and we were off…

Pam saying a few words pre-run.

Pam saying a few words pre-run.

I had to turn around on the bike path to end my run sooner than the rest, as I had to get home to this crazy crew

IMG_3370But it was really good to see the crowd that had amassed as I turned around – runners, walkers, and just general supporters of every age, stage and desire showed up to simply support and be a part of a community – and that was awesome.  It was encouraging and inspiring.

As far as me and my scrawny arms & legs and their marathon recovery – it’s going slower than I anticipated.  I was visiting with Dr. Scott this past week and we were discussing how a lot of Boston runners he had talked to and/or seen were noticing the same thing.

For those who were around when “it” happened – I think there was a lot of cortisol, adrenaline and other non-recovery productive hormones pumping through an already marathon weary body, followed by a lack of fuel, water, and rest (for me in particular sleep for several nights) and those recovery tools are just plain necessary.  So the tweaks and pinches that would hang around after a normal race are lingering and I know a few of my tendons/tissues are inflamed and still ticked off a little longer than normal, but that’s okay…because I’m Boston Strong.

IMG_3371What’s your favorite marathon recovery tip/activity?

Did you attend a local BostonStrong run?



12 thoughts on “Boston Strong

  1. I am such a big believer in the ill effects of all that crappy stress hormone stuff on our physical bodies. I am not surprised at all that you are having a tougher time than usual recovering. I felt the effects on last Tuesday’s speed work…just couldn’t get it done like I should, and I know the emotions from Monday played a huge role there.

    Be good to yourself and take it very easy right now…

  2. Happy Birthday Sheila!! Hope you enjoyed your special day with your wonderful boys.

    Take care of yourself! Hopefully you can catch up on some Z’s so, that your body AND mind feels rejuvenated. YES, you are “Boston Strong!” Congrats on your accomplisment & strong race. Maybe we’ll go back next year. Boston 2014!! 🙂

    • Thanks Pam! While I will be back in Boston, I’m not sure if next year is in the cards personally (too many other things going on next spring)…but definitely down the road!

  3. Yep…recovery was tough. I did not get food for hours after running 26 miles, my muscles cooled off way too soon and I was on my feet until well past 6 p.m. that night. Great job getting out there and doing some running in support.

    Take care of yourself and that knee!

  4. Makes sense to me…

    I don’t have tons of marathon recovery under my belt, but I like some gentle, not-too-impactful activity (swimming, walking, light cycling, etc.), to flush things out and keep my muscles warm/limber/ready to stretch whenever.

    I did my own, personal Boston run. I’m an introvert. 😉

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