Boston Marathon: Great Place to Stay

For my first night in Bean Town, I needed to find a cheap place to stay.  Let’s face it – I’m not a glitz and glam kind of girl.  When I travel I’m happy to have a bed and a Starbucks nearby is a plus.

Enter:  Adams Bed and Breakfast


I got a little room, and boy, do I mean little.  Twin bed, desk and room for a suitcase – perfect for me.

IMG_3251-001If you’re one of those people who like luxurious bedding and top notch decor – B&Bing might not be for you.  But if you’re looking for a friendly smile and the best hospitality around – this is your kind of place.  Just like at a hotel, you can hear people around you, but then again I hear my kids snore and talk in their sleep at home so this was nothing new.  I just kicked on my favorite app (the virtual sound machine) to drone out the light sounds of feet walking in the hallway and the murmur of TV’s you hear in any shared-living residence (hotel or B&B).

Yes, I had to share a bathroom.

No, it wasn’t a problem (was available whenever I needed it).

And no, I didn’t have to sell one of my children to stay there.  I paid about $120 with tax & fees for the night and got to hit up the kitchen for breakfast the next morning, which is a big #winning for me.

When I left in the rain, I was offered an umbrella, when I checked out in the morning I was asked if I wanted to keep my suitcases there for the day.  I was asked about a million times if I needed anything – now that’s what I call service.

Think of if this way – instead of the sterile, but pretty hotel, staying at a B&B like Adams is like staying at your Grandma’s house – and I’m totally down with that.

If I were to ever run Boston again, I’d hands down book this place bright and early (and perhaps get one of the bigger rooms they offer).  Charming, quaint and no-frills…almost like me…minus the charming and quaint, – okay so it’s nothing like me, but it is exactly what I would want if I did this again!

Do you ever B&B?


7 thoughts on “Boston Marathon: Great Place to Stay

  1. I love the B&B atmosphere but my husband does not so now we never stay at them. The complaining from him isn’t worth it 😉 But my favorite, and most frequently visited (pre-marriage) is the New Perry Hotel in Perry GA. It’s not technically a B&B as breakfast downstairs is not included in your room fee but otherwise it’s basically the same. And the breakfast in their restaurant is so amazing it’s worth the extra expense.

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