F is for Friday

I ran .8 miles this week.  That’s it.

Okay, then .86 then the pain in my high ankle was so bad and burning so profoundly I stopped, walked home and then tried to not panic.  It’s the same ankle I have consistently rolled, twisted and sprained over the last year.  It hates me.  I’m starting to resent it and would hate it back, but I kind of need it so at least it has that going for itself.

Not exactly the taper I had in mind.  Then again, I did sprint across the airport TWICE.  But was in raging pain both times trying to curse and cry at the misfortune.

Clearly the most direct route to Boston, right?

Clearly the most direct route to Boston, right?

After a warm embrace from the midwest #humidity (Hello Kentucky, it’s nice to see you) and a few days of work, I’m heading to Boston, filled with panic and fear…I went from wondering if I’d run the 26.2 miles (let’s face it 26.4, I’m a terrible hypotenizer)  well to wondering if I will be able to run them at all.

I’ve iced, I’ve stretched, I’ve ibuprofened and no relief.  I’m seeing an ART practitioner when I get to Boston to have thinks looked out, but right now I’m mostly embracing my inner Bon Jovi and “Livin on a Prayer”.  I’m hoping for some relief, some magical stretch or even some tape that will lock this bad boy into place so I can do what I’ve set out to do.

Today I head into the clouds again, and make the final two legs of the journey to Boston.  I’m hoping to land and find some good news when I get there.


Flying over the storms on Wednesday


4 thoughts on “F is for Friday

  1. Good luck to you…fingers crossed it can be fixed up and you can handle the race just fine. I’ll be thinking about you on Monday!

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