Boston Has PMS

After getting off of what was quite possibly the skinniest plane of people I’ve ever ridden on, I stepped into a spandex and dry wick laden land that we like to call Boston on Patriot’s marathon weekend.  While I’ve found the people and food to be warm and inviting, the weather has hit a 10 in the notsomuch category.  Then again, everyone has proceeded to remind me that it could be snowing.  #dontremindme


As a Bean Town virgin, I found my way to the cutest little B&B where I am staying for the night.  After a quick deposit of my stuff I walked by the convention center and drooled to my dinner destination – Towne.


It was attached to the convention center, and while they tend to be a chicken, seafood and steak kind of place, they played to their audience well with a delightful selection of pasta dishes.  #runnerbliss  Seriously, if you want to check it out – they had a lemon ricotta ravioli with asparagus that sounded good, and I had the beef bolognase to get some extra protein & iron in since my diet’s been lacking the last few days.

As my Boston guide and I perused the dessert menu, she pointed out there was a dessert only restaurant not too far from where we were.  Obviously I needed a lot of convincing and arm twisting to hop in a cab to check out the restaurant Finale.


Remember that time I left dessert on my plate? Tonight was not it….

Situated near Boston Common in the main level of an adorable old building, this little gem offers two things in abundance – chocolate and wine.  Naturally it’s my new favorite place.

After tonight’s monstrous carbo-loading session, it looks like I should stick to the TJ’s salads and lighter fare in my *hopeful* attempt to run on Monday.  I have an appointment with an ART doc tomorrow to have my ankle looked at.  The good news is that it didn’t seem to hurt much on the half mile walk home….but that could have been since it was numb from the cold.

I’m a Cali-weenie.

More on the Boston adventures soon!


5 thoughts on “Boston Has PMS

  1. Caliweenie….haven’t heard that one before. We use the term “Californiafied Wuss”. 🙂

    Hope that the beef + pasta + dessert was EXACTLY what that ankle needed. Don’t over think it…just relax, and go with it.

    *good vibes*

  2. Hope a boston treats you well the rest of your stay!!! Kick a$$ on Monday! You rock so I’m sure you’ll kill it!!! 🙂

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