Packin’ the Bags

Thanks for all of the encouragement after my last post!  Not much running to write about today, but when in the taper purgatory, I am reminded about how important the mental game is as well.  So this weekend I made sure to take some time to get my mental game on to prepare for the physical journey of this week.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the previews for Oz the Great and Powerful.  Not a day goes by that my kids don’t ask me to take them, but lately…I’ve been thinking (ruh roh)…that I kinda live in Oz.


You gotta love SoCal, but it’s just a little different than the rest of the world.  I mean, where else would your 8-year old consider that his substitute teacher might not actually be in her 20’s, but “her 100’s with lots of plastic surgery”? For the love of the land, this place is weird…but it’s my home.

On Sunday I took a day of R&R and hit the beach with some family & friends – picnic, soccer in the sand, whales, seals, dolphins and the best gelato in the West….did I mention this was all a 10 minutes from my house?  A few hours remembering just how lucky I am and laughing with good friends went a long way in resetting my mental game.  And the only running involved was chasing a soccer ball along the shore.

IMG_3218Missing feet – #socalproblems

I also took a little time for some of this….


my actual view from my seat at dinner

There is nothing like a little wine tasting party to help reset your batteries…or at least let your worries melt away for a few hours 🙂

So Wednesday I pack my bags and leave Oz…I’ll be sure to pack all of the “kit” my boys put together for me:


The best are the handwritten notes, and the journal to “write about my adventures” for them so they can read them when I get back.  And they said they got a magazine for recipes that I could cook for them.  Shh…don’t tell them I’ll get my People Magazine on as well.

Oh and one of the BEST news I got about Boston this week…is that a little piece of Oz will be right near my hotel.

Logo_staticYep, there is a TJ’s RIGHT out the front door of my hotel.  Trying to do Boston on a budget will be interesting, so this will certainly help!  Unfortunately the whole Rachael Ray $40 a Day approach is tough to do in a seafood faring town when you have a super seafood allergy.

While I can’t wait to try out some fab foods in Boston, I also know what I can/can’t be out eating, and this might be the trick to save money.

What are your fave tips/tricks to save money when you travel?
I’m the queen of the TJ’s salads & snacks to save money instead of eating out…plus it’s a lot healthier.  You’ll almost always spot me sporting a salad or two on the plane.

How do you recharge your mental game?
Snuggles with the babes, sand, sunshine and laughter top my list.  Red wine’s right up there too!


10 thoughts on “Packin’ the Bags

  1. I’m guessing that your hotel is at the Prudential if there’s a TJ’s right outside?? If so (and you like thai food) there is a FABULOUS thai restaurant right near the TJ’s called Chili Duck (it’s right next to the Walgreens) and it’s relatively inexpensive. $10 will get you a huge plate of the best pad thai. Good luck and enjoy! I’ll be cheering in Wellesley at around mile 14-15!
    When we travel I try to stock up on breakfast & lunch stuff that I can keep at the hotel and only eat out for dinner.

    • Oh we’re staying at the Sheraton…maybe Google maps lied to me and if so I’m so very sad 😦 I’ll have to check out the Thai…as a peanut & seafood allergy sufferer, it can be tough there, but maybe I can find something to nosh on.

      • The Sheraton is right next to the Prudential Center so Google didn’t lie to you! There really is a TJ’s out your front door 🙂 Ahh, a seafood and peanut allergy would be tough at a Thai restaurant!

  2. You’re going to do amazing in Boston. I’m sure there will be stretches of your run that will be challenging but you’re as smart as they come so don’t beat yourself, compete with the course and take every mile it gives you. Ill be sending positive energy your way. Go kick some ass coach.


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  3. My friends and I hit that exact TJs last year to stock up! SoCal is beautiful and I sure do envy the weather…maybe not the plastic surgery culture, though.

    I am wishing you a fantastic, perfect, incredible race day–soak it all in!!!

  4. We shop for food for breakfast (if not included at the hotel), and often to pack for lunch, too (if we plan to be out and about) – PB&J, yogurt, fruit, granola bars, etc. Alternatively, if we aren’t caught up in sightseeing, etc – we choose to go out for a big meal for lunch (when you can even go to nicer places for less $), then have a sandwich or something lighter (and cheaper!) for dinner.

    Care package? So cute!

    Safe travels!!!

  5. I stayed in the same hotel two of my the trips to Boston! TJs and Starbucks, both steps away fueled my stay! Be sure to work in some power shopping in the adjacent mall and Newbury St..not so good for the budget but totally necessary. Little Italy is a short schlep up the hill, lots of great little places that are delicious, affordable, and full of carbs. Have a great trip!

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