Team Nuun

As I’ve said before, I’ve got a little thing called a Nuun problem.


I can’t complain about the weather in SoCal that often, but since it’s typically on the warm side, I get a little extra sweaty.

A little extra sweat, requires a little more hydration….

Hence I drink a lot of electrolytes.

Citrusy Hydration Station

Citrusy Hydration Station

My propensity to leave little plastic tubes of electrolyte tabs in every square corner of the house, the incessant need to check the color of my pee, my proclivity to enhance my beer with electrolytes led me to the fine people at Nuun who welcomed me into their ambassador program.

I’m incredibly excited since it is a product I’ve used and stood behind for a long time.  My kids are excited because they think watermelon Nuun is better than Gatorade.

So casa de Striding Mom will be peeing a faint yellow and be sporting (soccer, running, baseball) in well-hydrated ways.  Super exciting stuff.

Speaking of exciting…Boston is 2 weeks away.  Actually let’s talk a little less exciting and a little more…I don’t know – panic, fear, horror, mentally induced muscle fatigue.  Those are my knee jerk reactions.  I’ll talk more about my goals in the near future.  Let’s just say I’m going with the aim low because it’s a shorter fall approach.

What’s your favorite hydration product?

How do you handle not being mentally prepared for a big race?


8 thoughts on “Team Nuun

  1. Congrats on the Nuun deal! Can I assume you’re going to apply to the HTC team, too? You’d be a blast to have on a team, I’m sure!

    You’re gonna be ready for Boston…getting very excited for all you who are going and regretting that I’m not!

  2. I’m a Nuun girl myself. Except…the little bit of fizzies make it hard for me to drink while running. It’s my favorite post-run electrolyte beverage, though. 🙂

    And…it’s not so available here. I will be bringing back a suitcase full in just a few months. But until then…it’s Pocari Sweat (seriously), 100Plus, and Aquarius. I find the last one to be the least offensive. All are carbonated, though. So weird.

      • I don’t know. I have yet to figure out why they chose to use the name “sweat” in an electrolyte beverage… I can drink it, but only if I don’t think too hard about the name! 😉

  3. Congrats on Nuun and best wishes on your race!!!!

    I am still in search of my fav hydration product, nothing beats my palin agua to my taste buds (besides vino), so I’m working on it.

    Mentally preparedness. I usually melt down. Cry. Panic. Then say a prayer and do my best. Repeat for every race 🙂

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