True Confession Thursday: Payback

Monday marked 8 years since I did this to my son:

0_194480_10150168153170159_1644064_oFor payback, I got to host eight (read that 8) 6-8 year old boys for a few hours of jumping at a trampoline park and then jacking them up on cupcakes and letting them run around like maniacs at my house.

Oh did I mention it was the day after my blowout of a 20-miler and I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep after it?  Yeah that kinda happened.

Payback’s a funny thing….

That said, 8 years ago I knew my life was going to change.  It was going to require me to dig deep and become a person I never knew I thought I was capable of being.  A (literal) fiery ball of energy, wit and most of all love and compassion entered this world and completely rocked mine.  I was instantly transformed and continue to be day after day.


Happy [belated] Birthday Strawberry!


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