True Confession Thursday: Whatever It Takes

Last week I had Dr. Scott check out my IT band as it’s been really tight on long runs and I’m scared paranoid petrified cautious about injuries this close to Boston.  Dr. Scott suggested to have someone video tape me running, which is, you know, super easy when you’re on the trails running solo.  Anyway, I finally suckered some random guy walking his dog to video tape me running for 20 seconds.  #whateverittakes  I’m really happy he didn’t run away with my phone.

Yep, Tinkerbell shirt and hat on backwards (it was hot) - "13 year old boy, meets 13 year old girl" fashion.

Yep, Tinkerbell shirt and hat on backwards (it was hot) – “13 year old boy, meets 13 year old girl” fashion.

Later that evening I got home and the boys were naturally asking (aka, read: complaining) about what I was cooking for dinner.  Chicken piccata, risotto and steamed asparagus.  They really have such a tough life.

Chocolate:  Mom, aspawagus is awesome.
Me:  Because it tastes good?
Chocolate:  No
Me:  Because it’s good for you?
Chocolate:  [getting annoyed} No
Me:  Why then?
Chocolate:  Because it’s the only vegetable that makes your pee smell weally bad.  I’m going to eat a WOT of it.


It’s also been super foggy here in the mornings in SoCal (I know, we have it really rough) so I’ve been opting to wear my neon shirts on TOP of my jacket – yes jacket and it’s 50 degrees, I’m a SoCal weenie.  Unfortunately this is messing with my running ninja look (the all black I typically sport), but I do have some visibility and I get home from my run in 1 piece instead of bent over the hood of a car.  I know, I might be starting a ridiculous fashion trend.  #whateverittakes


The other day #runger struck me something fierce and hard and I found myself pounding scrambled eggs, toast, and a spinach salad mid-day.  Unfortunately I had to run 1.5 hours later.  Not my favorite 6.5  miles, but it was the only chance I had to run. #whateverittakes #heytherelunchnicetoseeyouagain

I crashed the Road Runner Sports Girls Night Out by showing up with two wild & crazy guys.  (Desperate times, the only time I could squeeze in a much needed purchase) #whateverittakes

Wild and Crazy guysWait…not those wild & crazy guys….THESE wild & crazy guys


How have you done whatever it takes this week?


4 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Whatever It Takes

  1. Bahahaha! I adore these. Especially the smelly pee, and crashing girls night. But really? A jacket at 50?? Oy…. 🙂

    Hmmm…#whateverittakes…I did go a little stalker-freaky on Google yesterday, after someone (who I really needed to contact) accidentally gave me an invalid email address. I proceeded to make at least 3 different attempts to contact this person through social media. If she actually gets/finds them all, she’s going to think I’m a bit of a stalker.

    I also had to play serious/bad guy when dealing with someone in a business setting. Not my favorite, but necessary.

    And I hacked the top off the shampoo container to get the TWO SHOWERS’ WORTH of shampoo out of the bottom. The amount of work that took seemed a little excessive, but I hate seeing stuff go to waste!

    I think that about covers it for this week (so far)… 🙂

  2. I do have to laugh at the SoCal version of jacket weather…it has to be sub-20 degrees before I wear a jacket!

    Yep, #whateverittakes to get them eating green stuff. I am with you!

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