Elusive 20

Friday – 6 miles hill repeats
Saturday – 19 miles running, 2 miles walking
Say What? Strides

It’s now T-4 weeks until Bean Town.  And honestly, I was (am?) feeling woefully unprepared.

In an ideal training world, I would have at least four 18-20 milers under my belt by this point in time.

On Saturday, what did I have?  Oh yeah, that’d be a nice, round…err…ZERO

I set out for my long run this weekend hell bent on finally getting in an 18+ mile run.  I haven’t hit any of them and thanks to mother nature, illness and poor planning, each of my 13+ mile runs have sucked.

And the 15-17 mile runs I’ve had have ended with my legs acting like Vanilla does when we go out to dinner:

Fatigue, party of 2.

Fatigue and crabbiness, party of 2.

SUPER encouraging.  SUPER.

This weekend’s goal was 20-22.  I only got 19 in because my IT band was pissed off and led to general misery.  Minus the pain – I felt great.  Wait, what?!?!

Honestly, minus the pain I felt I could have easily gone another 3-4 miles.

Huzzah?  Who’s legs are these?

I’ve got one week left to get another longer run in and I’m waiting to see how my IT band is to decide what to do.  Honestly, my whole goal for Boston has been to go healthy.  I don’t want to come this far to blow up now.  The name of the game this training schedule has been improvisational training, so why quit now?

Where’s your fatigue wall these days?
Lately it’s been around the 11 mile mark and I just have to push through.  For some reason 5-6 has been ugly too.

What races is next on your list?  Tell me about your training and goals!  I need some final motivation!


10 thoughts on “Elusive 20

  1. I hope your IT band settles down and gets with the program!

    I just finished week 6 of training for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon (Ojai to Ventura) in May. The long runs are do-able but kicking my behind (as in, it takes me a while to recover, like I’ve run a race!) and I’m glad this coming weekend only calls for 13 miles! My goal is to PR over my 1st marathon 4:02:39, sub-4, and in an ideal world BQ with a 3:44:59 LOL!

    • I love cutback weeks 🙂 I think you could totally BQ in the near future. Ojai is a tough one because the downhill is killer on the quads (so I hear), be sure to do LOTS of downhill training. It’s harder than it seems!

  2. Hmm…was at about 10-12, but after a few weeks of very low mileage thanks to a touch of plantar fasciitis, we’ll see what happens over the next two weeks.

    Scheduled for a half-marathon at the end of the month. Hoping for a cooperative PF, so I can at least participate, using it as a training run (since I won’t really be in good shape to race…). Currently, this race is my motivation for getting to spin class & into the pool, to supplement the reduction in running I’d taken to help encourage PF healing. We’ll see…

    Careful with that IT band…seems to be an epidemic of IT problems floating around lately. I’m guessing you’re a veteran of this issue, but I always find that once mine gets good and irritated, it requires a good long time to heal – so a few extra days of preventative rest might be a reasonable trade for a few weeks of recovery right now…just be careful!! Fingers crossed that it gets stretched, relaxed, and sorted out soon!

      • I haven’t (yet), but I HAVE researched where (the ONE place) it’s done out here. Things might (maybe?) have been looking up over the last day or two, so I’m going to see how this plays out. But if nothing changes in a week or so, I’ll probably call for an appointment. 🙂

  3. Hill repeats sounds treacherously wonderful. That’s a big hill nearby where I could do that.
    Where’s my fatigue wall? It’s sometime after the 1.5 hour mark of couch-azzing. Couches come equipped with sleepytime accelerants.

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