True Confession Thursday: Sometimes I

7 miles
Silly Should’ve Been Slow Strides

Sometimes I think my kids subconsciously know I’m literally “cornered” when I’m in the shower and come to me with the woes of the world and the need for a referee RIGHT THEN.

Sometimes I end up talking on my phone during my run and run too fast for slow, easy runs.

IMG_3081.PNGFor some of you this is not a fast run (or it might be ridic fast for some of you…remember it’s not how fast or slow you’re running, but what you should be running), but though I was running almost 9 minute miles. .  I was on the phone from mile 2-6 and tied my shoe in mile 4.

Sometimes I get woken up to leprechaun kisses in March.

Photo on 3-12-13 at 6.35 AMSometimes I just wish I could freeze time and bottle this up forever….

IMG_3058Sometimes I walk into my kids rooms in the morning singing in a falsetto opera voice just so the first thing I hear from them in the morning is a giggle before the fighting and whining begins.

Sometimes I take an extra long shower so I can’t hear the kids bickering as loudly.

Sometimes I am so grateful to the person at the Gu product packaging lab who designed the package to survive the washing machine….twice.

What do you sometimes do?

4 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Sometimes I

  1. I’ve done that with GU so many times! The scary thing is that we still eat them after…wonder what all that heat does to them?

    And yes, the shower can be a nice refuge from the world!

  2. Sometimes…I just put on dry clothes after a gym session, rather than actually showering, because I know I’m going to get all sweaty on the trip home anyway. (I do shower when I get home, though.)

    Sometimes…I put on a once-used workout shirt that seemed to smell OK…until I start working out. Ooops?

    Sometimes…I eat cereal for breakfast…and again for dinner…

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