March Half: Team Gab Virtual Half

13.1 Miles
Solo Race Strides

Back about a month ago, I signed up to run the Team Gab Virtual Half Marathon because it’s for an awesome cause, and I used it to fill my March half quota in my seeking to do 12 in 12.

I set out without any watch and turned my “voice notification” off my MapmyRun app so I had no idea how fast I was or wasn’t going.  I stopped to take pictures, hit the bathrooms and even walked .6 of a mile while trying to stretch out my IT band…and still ran a 1:51.  So it wasn’t too shabby of a race 🙂

Though I do have some pros and cons to send to the local race director:

  • IMG_2384-002Pro:  Awesome job on the start time and managing to work it in between the rain storm
  • Con:  The course was really muddy and slippery.  I literally almost fell “banana peel style” on abut 5 snails throughout the run.
  • Pro:  The course scenery was beautiful – sunshine, clouds, rainbows and perfect temps
  • Con:  The local race director kept rerouting the course mid-race to include more and more sets of hills to make the race “more challenging”
  • Pro:  The bathroom lines were super short

imagesI opted to sport my new ProCompression socks I won from Danica.  They sent me my favorite neon green color which I love for early morning runs to help keep me visible to drivers.  Katie, a Mom from school and Karla, my grocery checker, all said they saw me running the Team Gab race that morning.

I find this remarkable since clearly people off the street can not only see, but recognize me in my ridiculously bright socks, but the car flying around the right turn barely notices.  Grrr…I digress.

On Saturday, Heather hosted a local, small self-paced race and the boys and I grabbed a mile lap with a few local runners.  Check out these crazy kids….(oh and, and Sarah and Traci – and yes, Traci and I color coordinated our run).


Photo Courtesy of Heather

Have you ever done a virtual race?

What’s your favorite type of training terrain?
I actually really love[hate] to train on long, moderately inclined hills.  I feel I’m getting the most for my workout.


18 thoughts on “March Half: Team Gab Virtual Half

  1. Hahaha! Hopefully she kept her email address from the participants, so she won’t have to field too many angry emails. 😉 Did she have good post-run refueling options available? In future years, she should make those socks mandatory! 🙂

    I’ve done the Virtual Run for Sherry (organized by SUAR) both years now. Both times, the darned director chose Singapore for the run. Geesh. I sorta wish she’d stick with a more temperate climate.

  2. I wonder. Do the socks keep you from getting crampy in the lower legs? I sometimes I have this problem when I’m doing a marathon set of burpees. Do I need some compression?

    • Possibly…the “science” behind it is that it’s supposed to help keep the lactic acid from building up and also keep the blood from pooling in your legs when you’re on them for long periods of time. Basically it makes me feel super rad and keeps my not-so-spring chicken legs from swelling up like balloons!

      • Sorry to barge in – but the other thing that compression can do is help reduce the small muscle tremors that you experience as you tire. [Think about what happens when you hold something heavy for a long time – you start to shake. It’s like this, but on a smaller scale.]

        If those tremors are contributing to your cramping (they very well could be) – then compression might be your answer!

  3. That race director might be a little crazy but sure has great taste in compression socks!

    Thanks for the mention in your post. It was nice seeing you and the gang on Sunday!

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