True Confession Thursday: The Lucky One

7 miles
Speed Work Strides

A little secret – Strawberry was due right around St. Patrick’s Day.

IMG_2894The moment he was born (luckily? 2 weeks late) I saw those tufts of red hair and was glad his birthday strayed from the holiday or he would have faced a lifetime of leprechaun jokes.  That said…the luck o’ the Irish (of which he has none pulsing through his blood) is alive & well in this wee lad and he seriously wins everything.  If there’s a raffle, contest or crazy Chuck E Cheese jackpot – this kid wins it.

I, on the other hand, don’t.

But this week – some his luck wore off on me.

BDMAk88CEAAxVZ3.jpg-largeOn Tuesday I won a pair of ProCompression socks from Danica at Girlsthatrun.  I kid you not, I got an email saying I won on Tuesday morning and those socks were in my mailbox by Wednesday evening.  Those ProCompression people not only run fast, but they ship fast too!

For some of you it’s not a huge deal, but I never win this type of stuff so I was super excited – plus you can never have enough ProCompression socks – my drawer will attest to this!


I also got a super duper fab email from Nuun.


I’ll write more on this in the very near future.  But I’m really excited to tell you about it!  Let’s just say the product is a big part of casa de Striding Mom and we pound that stuff…like…errr…flavored water.  We like to get our electrolytes on here.

What’s the luckiest thing that’s happened to you this week?


2 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: The Lucky One

  1. Well, yesterday I was running late to the gym for spin class, but decided to try to make it anyway. Thanks to an interminably long elevator wait, I walked into the gym just as class was supposed to start. I changed fast as lightening, stashed my stuff, and figured I’d do a walk-by of the cycling studio. If they were past the warm up (I was already 5+ minutes late), I’d just keep on going. But! The instructor was helping some newbies get their bikes set. WIN! I got in and set-up even before he started the music.

    Seems like such a small thing, but I was so thankful for a good, hard class with an instructor I enjoy!

  2. My son Kian (Irish name) was born on St. Patrick’s Day! My grandmother never let me live it down that I didn’t name him Patrick. But instead of being a redhead, he ended up with blonde hair and blue eyes, despite having two dark haired parents. Congratulations on your win!

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