You Know…

You’re in peak marathon training when…

You complain that you “only ran 17 miles”.  Since the average American DRIVING commute is 16 miles and they complain about it regularly, be sure to keep your friends and not continually complain about missing the last 2-3 miles in your run.  On the other hand, when your significant other complains of being tired, you should most heartily throw the “really, well I ran XX miles today” card.  (I never said this was a blog about relational advice).

Your calendar is not seen as hours, but in blocks of “how many miles can I run”

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 5.03.07 PM

You coordinate your wardrobe to hide your compression socks.  While JT tried to bring sexy back, I don’t think he meant neon knee high socks.  Bummer

You can’t get your skinny jeans over your calves. #runnerproblems

You get your non-skinny jeans over your calves, but you cannot get them over your hips.

If you get non-skinny jeans over your calves and your hips, they will not stay zipped.   Congrats, you’ve embraced your inner Beyonce and took marathon training to a bootylicious level.

You find this next to your bed for 3am runger strikes.  Because most people keep a glass of water next to their bed…but not I.  I find myself with a box of crackers for those wee morning insatiable carb cravings.


TJ’s cracker love

You show up to a dinner party wearing your compression socks.  I so wish I were kidding.  After a heat ravaged 17-miler I showed up to a dinner party, chugged water and put my feet up on the hosts couch.  #classypants

IMG_2581Your family starts counting down the days until the race.  No, it’s not that they’re that excited, they’re mostly just antsy to go out to dinner and not have you make your dinner selection based on how long your run is the next day.  They are also bracing themselves for the 2-3 weeks of taper tantrums they know are coming – days filled with doubt, frustration, and running withdrawals.

How do you know you’re in peak training?


8 thoughts on “You Know…

  1. I love this post! I am heading into taper myself and am actually looking forward to the end of peak training this time (shock, horror). I am definitely with you on the runger. My colleagues know I am in peak training because every time they walk past my desk, they can all but guarantee I’ll be eating.
    Best of luck with these last few weeks of Boston training!!

    • I’ve been looking forward to the taper since the first long run. That said, I’ll constantly be doubting myself the entire 2-3 weeks, but for now I’ll pretend like I’m super excited about it! 😉

  2. I adore your compression socks (esp. the argyle ones!). Please stop making fun of them. Wear them proudly!!

    You know I’m in peak training when:
    -I have a special grunt/groan that can be heard whenever I’m in the process of standing up from my desk.
    -There’s not a clean piece of running gear in the house. (“Taper” means “Catch up on laundry”, right?)
    -There’s a gremlin in the fridge that eats any eggs, peanut butter, or dark chocolate that are put inside…

  3. So spot on! Love that you wore the compression socks to a party.

    Um, I guess my family would say I get crankier during peak marathon training. I try, but sometimes I fail!

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