True Confession Thursday: Ahead of the Game

Time to spend a few minutes in the blogging confessional:

Pardon me for being Goofy...

Pardon me for being Goofy…

Yesterday I made a critical error.  I wrote a blog earlier in the day and added my mileage for the night.  7 miles.  It was a tempo.  I had ZERO desire to do it.  And I predicted how I’d feel.

7 Miles


Just goes to show, that no matter how bad you feel, you never know when a good run will creep up on you.  I anticipated 7 tempo miles, then thought, “Maybe I’ll just do 10 easy” and slipped into the neonest compression socks you’ll ever see.


Nothing says “overcoming ninja running [dressed all in black] tendencies” like head to toe day glow.  I set out and found myself clipping along and repeatedly hitting 7-7:25 second miles.

Until around 4.5 miles where I remembered why I hate running and seriously contemplated why in the world I was training for a marathon and thought about all of the fun things I could be doing instead of running longish tempo runs right then – at the skate park with the kids, buying Girl Scout cookies in front of the grocery store, casually riding my bike down the trail.

Until I saw these two strolling along.

To be honest, I hardly saw them because I was petrified of that beast of a dog SR was walking [pictured above].  Yeowzas!

After a quick little chat I was able to pound out not the 10 slow miles, but 7 really fast [for me] miles and finished with a nice average 7:23 pace, including a cool down mile.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  Forget my tired legs, my craptastic attitude and general mental apathy going into the run…like a bad cold or a Lifetime movie, sometimes a good run just sneaks up on you.

What was the last really good run you had?

Do you often see random people you know on your run?
Other than SR and Monica today, my usual random run ins include squirrels and people I know driving by in the car dropping their kids off/picking them up from school.



4 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Ahead of the Game

  1. Nice run! And fun “run in” with the local blogerrati.

    I had a tempo run today–10 miles, 4 @ 7:50 and then 4 @ 7:30. I’m at the tail end of my marathon training and my legs are just beat. I was quite miserable at mile 6 of those miles and really contemplated quitting, but somehow pushed through. Sometimes we find the mental reserves from who knows where!

  2. I had a pretty good hard run on Sunday. But since I just moved to a new city…I generally don’t see anyone I recognize (except the regulars on the trails, who I’ve already gotten to know in a nodding/good morning-ing kind of way!). What a nice surprise/motivator, though! 🙂

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