Fleet Feet

5 Miles- Tuesday
Slogging Strides

7 Miles-Wednesday
Meh Strides

The other day I had a friend in town visiting.  And the following convo happened:

IMG_3002Me:  Ugh, my toenail’s purple again.
Guest Response:  Oh I know, I need to get mine painted so badly.
[Long awkward pause]
Me:  Um.  Yeah, mine aren’t painted. 


That said, I’ve been thinking about my feet a lot.

A- It’s time to get new running socks.  All of mine have a serious case of the funk.  And coming from a mom with not 1, not 2, but 3 boys, let me tell you that means something.  

B- I need to new shoes and I’m in analysis paralysis with it all.  My self-proclaimed “best ever, love of my life” relationship with my Brooks shoes went south when I started having pains in my feet and problems with the shoes.  I shouldn’t have U-hauled that relationship.

Check out my inner Amazon

Check out my inner Amazon

C- I’m watching my form.  With long runs in full swing I usually have 1-2 nice easy recovery runs so I’ve really been spending time thinking about each and every strike.  The other day I did 5 slow, hilly miles sans any talk radio, music, etc. (not even a GPS – GASP!) and simply put one foot in front of the other noticing when I was straying from proper form and working to correct it.

Seriously, wild life I lead.  I can tell your insanely jealous of this all.

Which leads me to ask you….

Do you have socks that you love?
I obviously am borderline obsessed with  my ProCompression socks, but I need some ankle socks for the shorter to mid-length runs.  No one seems to be impressed and my children are simply embarrassed when I show up to school in my blue argyle knee high compression socks.

What shoes do you love?
I have about a bazillion pairs of the New Balance Minimus line and LOVE my minimalist wear, but am unsure if I should continue on with the line or test out some new waters.  All of my current shoes have at least 300-500 miles on them so the clock is sorta ticking on this one.

14 thoughts on “Fleet Feet

  1. What Brooks were you wearing when things went south? I am in love with the Pure line. However, I did notice that the newer versions run a little small.

    I am interested to hear sock recommendations because I need help in that department. It’s blister city over here after my 20 miler!

    What’s the long run on your agenda this weekend? I was running up in Carlsbad this past weekend, so not TOO far from you!! I have 16 miles on the plan.

    • I initially fell in LOVE with the Pure Connects, but for some reason they kept bothering my ankles. I sprained my ankle in the time I was wearing them and it would not heal…then I realized every. darn. time I wore the shoes I ended up with calf tension/injury. So we broke up. It was sad because I had high hopes for the relationship 😦

  2. When it comes to socks my loves are Experia socks by Thorlos. It’s all I wear for running. They’re cushiony and yet not too hot (they have thin breathable areas). They also hold up really well to repeated wear and washings!

  3. Mizuno Wave Precision for my long runs and Saucony Kinvara for short to med distance. Both are so light weight and very similar but the Saucony has less of a heel drop and my Achilles tells me when I have pushed too far!

  4. HAHAHA! I adore that toenail conversation… [There are times when the divide between runners and non-runners just seems…impossibly wide!]

    I’m hopeless with socks. I’m a very promiscuous sock wearer for road runner/gym workouts…anything that has good elastic and hugs my arch is a winner in my book. I think I’m currently sporting a few varieties of Under Armour socks. And I adore Darn Tough socks for hiking & trail running.

    I’ve been in a long-term relationship with Adidas footwear…first Supernovas, now Sequences…but am flirting with some PureFlows. We’ll see where that relationship goes.

    [New reader here..wandered over from…oh, darn, you got lost in my tabs for half a day and I can’t even remember where…]

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