Can and Can’t

After plenty of derailing, I’m working on getting Boston training back on track.
In 8 days I got 49 miles in, which is right where I need to be.  In addition I learned a lot about what I can and can’t do.

I CAN do this brutal workout.


Well, I’ll certainly feel THAT tomorrow…

Somehow in the middle of my run, I decided it would be a genius idea to run to the top of a really hilly trailhead so I could get a glimpse of the ocean.  Brilliant.

I CAN’T make this noise

My kids have been trying to teach me this sound forever.  All this mama wants is to be able to sound like a machine gun like all of the other moms do.  But apparently I’m deficient, defunct, devoid of any and all skill making me able to do this…well until my coach gets to me at the end.

I CAN mentally psych myself out
During my long run I spent miles 1-5 berating myself and thinking I’ll never be marathon ready.  It was exhausting.  Miles 5-12 were fabulous and I was all “I can do this!”.  Then miles 12-17.5 (which were straight into a 30ish mph headwind) I cursed the day I started running and my head was filled with fears of walking 13 of the 26.2 in April.

I CAN’T mentally psych myself out
Game on.  If I’m going to do an unideal 26.2 training I need to remember that I’m my own worst enemy.  Must. not. let. brain. win.

I CAN prop up my legs post run.

For what it’s worth I didn’t get much time right after my run due to soccer games.  Instead, I made my way through the Oscars legs up, kids wanting to see who won our selection contest.

I CAN’T expect my children to be normal while I rest.

Any time I sit down for a few minutes my kids utilize this chance to grab my full attention and have some fun with it.  For the record, my son had said something that I misunderstood for “sexy shoes” which was very confusing for me.  He decided to show me what it meant to wear sexy shoes.  Apparently if you’re wearing heels, you should really pair them with shinguards and knee high socks.

What CAN you do?

What CAN’T you do?


6 thoughts on “Can and Can’t

  1. what can’t I do… stop laughing at Mbowa in your shoes and shinguards.
    What can I do … miss you guys and send you all hugs & kisses. Love you Auntie Kitty

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