Almost Long Running

10 Miles
Chatty Strides

After a week of triple digit body temps, to say I was NOT looking forward to a long run was an understatement.

Luckily, Sarah and Kristina were kind enough to join me for an early Saturday spin around the Back Bay.  If any of us had been good social media folks, we would have taken pictures.  Instead we talked about really important things like copious candy consumption and rockin’ Valentine’s Day gifts like tool boxes and candy from office candy jars.

Instead of a running picture, I’ll just show you the best Valentine’s Day present I got.


I set out hoping to do 14-16, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  My body was wracked, fatigued and I was sporting a cough that would make any emphysemic pack a day smoker jealous.  Not to mention the thought of food for the entire week before made me as green as my super awesome socks, so I was lacking in the fuel department as well.

After 10 miles of running I started hacking up a lung and Sarah and Kristina gave me over to my car and wisely told me to tack on a few miles mid-week to make up for it instead of setting myself even further back by foolishly pushing through.

I celebrated with a calorie binge at Jamba Juice and then took a nap.

jambaDid you have any fun weekend plans?

Do you have local peeps you can call to participate in a long(ish) run with?

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