True Confession Thursday: Staying the Course

6 miles
Speedy Strides

The last 6 months have felt like a series of constant derailments in my running.  Sure, I’ve had a few big PR’s, but as far as my training it feels two steps forward, one step back.    Twisted ankles, tweaky feet, sick kids, have all stood in the way between me and my goals and feeling okay about my running.

So last week I had an internal mental tantrum that rivaled any two year old, which resulted in me mentally screaming – NO MOOOOOOORRRRRE! and laying down the gauntlet in my mind.  I was putting my big girl panties on and buckling in for the wild ride that is 10 weeks to Boston.

But apparently life has other plans….


Me wearing a Tinker Bell shirt.  No seriously I send this sick kid pic to my mother, who’s response is, “What’s happening?  You’re wearing a  Tinker Bell shirt”.   (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just a sports shirt, solid v-neck wearing kinda gal myself so my attire was more surprising than the deluge of sick kid pics I’ve been sending her).

But seriously the week has included:

-One case of stomach flu

-One case of influenza

-One case of strep

Luckily this is with my kids at the moment, and I’ve already had the influenza bug they have.  But stomach flu and strep – notsomuch.  We’re usually a pretty healthy bunch of people who hardly get slapped with evil viruses and bacterias of this sort.

So in lieu of clothing and running clothes this week, I think I’m going to just hang around wearing this fabulous getup this week.  Cover my goals in prayer, hope and a lot of Lysol and see what happens.


What do you do when your training is derailed?


7 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Staying the Course

  1. Seriously I wanted to wear that suit going to Kate’s for dinner last night. She told me I was paranoid. I’m thinking I was just realistic. And yeah, I’m used to the sick kid photos but Tinkerbell shirts? Not so much.

  2. Call it a Monday? It seems like I haven’t had a handle on my training in months. The baby is big, the other three are capable and yet I don’t think I’ve had a moment to myself in six weeks. Yesterday I ran to the doctors to get an internal and back in freezing temps just to get my run in. Today there are snow squall warnings. Setback or opportunity for spectacular falling practice? We’ll see.

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