True Confession Thursday: Ahead of the Game

Time to spend a few minutes in the blogging confessional:

Pardon me for being Goofy...

Pardon me for being Goofy…

Yesterday I made a critical error.  I wrote a blog earlier in the day and added my mileage for the night.  7 miles.  It was a tempo.  I had ZERO desire to do it.  And I predicted how I’d feel.

7 Miles


Just goes to show, that no matter how bad you feel, you never know when a good run will creep up on you.  I anticipated 7 tempo miles, then thought, “Maybe I’ll just do 10 easy” and slipped into the neonest compression socks you’ll ever see.


Nothing says “overcoming ninja running [dressed all in black] tendencies” like head to toe day glow.  I set out and found myself clipping along and repeatedly hitting 7-7:25 second miles.

Until around 4.5 miles where I remembered why I hate running and seriously contemplated why in the world I was training for a marathon and thought about all of the fun things I could be doing instead of running longish tempo runs right then – at the skate park with the kids, buying Girl Scout cookies in front of the grocery store, casually riding my bike down the trail.

Until I saw these two strolling along.

To be honest, I hardly saw them because I was petrified of that beast of a dog SR was walking [pictured above].  Yeowzas!

After a quick little chat I was able to pound out not the 10 slow miles, but 7 really fast [for me] miles and finished with a nice average 7:23 pace, including a cool down mile.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  Forget my tired legs, my craptastic attitude and general mental apathy going into the run…like a bad cold or a Lifetime movie, sometimes a good run just sneaks up on you.

What was the last really good run you had?

Do you often see random people you know on your run?
Other than SR and Monica today, my usual random run ins include squirrels and people I know driving by in the car dropping their kids off/picking them up from school.



Fleet Feet

5 Miles- Tuesday
Slogging Strides

7 Miles-Wednesday
Meh Strides

The other day I had a friend in town visiting.  And the following convo happened:

IMG_3002Me:  Ugh, my toenail’s purple again.
Guest Response:  Oh I know, I need to get mine painted so badly.
[Long awkward pause]
Me:  Um.  Yeah, mine aren’t painted. 


That said, I’ve been thinking about my feet a lot.

A- It’s time to get new running socks.  All of mine have a serious case of the funk.  And coming from a mom with not 1, not 2, but 3 boys, let me tell you that means something.  

B- I need to new shoes and I’m in analysis paralysis with it all.  My self-proclaimed “best ever, love of my life” relationship with my Brooks shoes went south when I started having pains in my feet and problems with the shoes.  I shouldn’t have U-hauled that relationship.

Check out my inner Amazon

Check out my inner Amazon

C- I’m watching my form.  With long runs in full swing I usually have 1-2 nice easy recovery runs so I’ve really been spending time thinking about each and every strike.  The other day I did 5 slow, hilly miles sans any talk radio, music, etc. (not even a GPS – GASP!) and simply put one foot in front of the other noticing when I was straying from proper form and working to correct it.

Seriously, wild life I lead.  I can tell your insanely jealous of this all.

Which leads me to ask you….

Do you have socks that you love?
I obviously am borderline obsessed with  my ProCompression socks, but I need some ankle socks for the shorter to mid-length runs.  No one seems to be impressed and my children are simply embarrassed when I show up to school in my blue argyle knee high compression socks.

What shoes do you love?
I have about a bazillion pairs of the New Balance Minimus line and LOVE my minimalist wear, but am unsure if I should continue on with the line or test out some new waters.  All of my current shoes have at least 300-500 miles on them so the clock is sorta ticking on this one.

Can and Can’t

After plenty of derailing, I’m working on getting Boston training back on track.
In 8 days I got 49 miles in, which is right where I need to be.  In addition I learned a lot about what I can and can’t do.

I CAN do this brutal workout.


Well, I’ll certainly feel THAT tomorrow…

Somehow in the middle of my run, I decided it would be a genius idea to run to the top of a really hilly trailhead so I could get a glimpse of the ocean.  Brilliant.

I CAN’T make this noise

My kids have been trying to teach me this sound forever.  All this mama wants is to be able to sound like a machine gun like all of the other moms do.  But apparently I’m deficient, defunct, devoid of any and all skill making me able to do this…well until my coach gets to me at the end.

I CAN mentally psych myself out
During my long run I spent miles 1-5 berating myself and thinking I’ll never be marathon ready.  It was exhausting.  Miles 5-12 were fabulous and I was all “I can do this!”.  Then miles 12-17.5 (which were straight into a 30ish mph headwind) I cursed the day I started running and my head was filled with fears of walking 13 of the 26.2 in April.

I CAN’T mentally psych myself out
Game on.  If I’m going to do an unideal 26.2 training I need to remember that I’m my own worst enemy.  Must. not. let. brain. win.

I CAN prop up my legs post run.

For what it’s worth I didn’t get much time right after my run due to soccer games.  Instead, I made my way through the Oscars legs up, kids wanting to see who won our selection contest.

I CAN’T expect my children to be normal while I rest.

Any time I sit down for a few minutes my kids utilize this chance to grab my full attention and have some fun with it.  For the record, my son had said something that I misunderstood for “sexy shoes” which was very confusing for me.  He decided to show me what it meant to wear sexy shoes.  Apparently if you’re wearing heels, you should really pair them with shinguards and knee high socks.

What CAN you do?

What CAN’T you do?

Almost Long Running

10 Miles
Chatty Strides

After a week of triple digit body temps, to say I was NOT looking forward to a long run was an understatement.

Luckily, Sarah and Kristina were kind enough to join me for an early Saturday spin around the Back Bay.  If any of us had been good social media folks, we would have taken pictures.  Instead we talked about really important things like copious candy consumption and rockin’ Valentine’s Day gifts like tool boxes and candy from office candy jars.

Instead of a running picture, I’ll just show you the best Valentine’s Day present I got.


I set out hoping to do 14-16, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  My body was wracked, fatigued and I was sporting a cough that would make any emphysemic pack a day smoker jealous.  Not to mention the thought of food for the entire week before made me as green as my super awesome socks, so I was lacking in the fuel department as well.

After 10 miles of running I started hacking up a lung and Sarah and Kristina gave me over to my car and wisely told me to tack on a few miles mid-week to make up for it instead of setting myself even further back by foolishly pushing through.

I celebrated with a calorie binge at Jamba Juice and then took a nap.

jambaDid you have any fun weekend plans?

Do you have local peeps you can call to participate in a long(ish) run with?

I’m Ba-a-a-ack

10 miles
Yep, weekly total…Sad, Sad Strides

Wonder where I’ve been the last week?  Let me share a little remake of a song to explain:

It’s been one week since you sneezed on me,
Gave me strep throat and sip on my green tea.
Five days since I got the flu,
Fever after fever and chronic fatigue too.
Three days since I got to run,
Watching Boston training go, and realize there’s been none.
Yesterday the fever’s gone,
But it will be two weeks before I finally get a good run.

Yep, the hazmat suit didn’t work and my week looked a lot like this:

IMG_2958Back in December, when I got the famed, 100 days until Boston email I was all gung ho, printed out my training plan (who am I?), stocked up on Nuun and energy gels and was ready to rock it from here to April.

I had my hopes pinned on this….


Instead, it’s been set back after set back after setback.  Hurt feet, onslaught of flu viruses, sick kids, sick me, etc.  Instead of sipping electrolytes to hydrate before, during or after long runs – I’m pounding it to stay hydrated from relentless fevers. My long run weekends have capped out at 14.  And I have 7 weeks until the race.

I think it’s time for me to officially say goodbye to my 3:20-something goal to ring in my 32nd birthday.

So I need your advice.

How do I get back on track?  

How do I adjust marathon training when I know my body’s nowhere near 100%?  

Can I get from a 14 mile base to marathon ready in 7 weeks?

True Confession Thursday: Staying the Course

6 miles
Speedy Strides

The last 6 months have felt like a series of constant derailments in my running.  Sure, I’ve had a few big PR’s, but as far as my training it feels two steps forward, one step back.    Twisted ankles, tweaky feet, sick kids, have all stood in the way between me and my goals and feeling okay about my running.

So last week I had an internal mental tantrum that rivaled any two year old, which resulted in me mentally screaming – NO MOOOOOOORRRRRE! and laying down the gauntlet in my mind.  I was putting my big girl panties on and buckling in for the wild ride that is 10 weeks to Boston.

But apparently life has other plans….


Me wearing a Tinker Bell shirt.  No seriously I send this sick kid pic to my mother, who’s response is, “What’s happening?  You’re wearing a  Tinker Bell shirt”.   (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just a sports shirt, solid v-neck wearing kinda gal myself so my attire was more surprising than the deluge of sick kid pics I’ve been sending her).

But seriously the week has included:

-One case of stomach flu

-One case of influenza

-One case of strep

Luckily this is with my kids at the moment, and I’ve already had the influenza bug they have.  But stomach flu and strep – notsomuch.  We’re usually a pretty healthy bunch of people who hardly get slapped with evil viruses and bacterias of this sort.

So in lieu of clothing and running clothes this week, I think I’m going to just hang around wearing this fabulous getup this week.  Cover my goals in prayer, hope and a lot of Lysol and see what happens.


What do you do when your training is derailed?

Reset Button

Post Race Rest Day

When your life is filled with conversations like this:

IMG_2576-001Me to Kid:  Blow your nose
Kid: Why?
Mom:  Because snot’s running down your face?
Kid:  Can’t I just lick it instead?

And then there’s a lot of

Where are my socks?”

That deadline’s coming up quick!”

and “Professor, my Grandma died…again

…sometimes I just need to push the reset button to get my head on straight.

So last week I realized I needed to do just that.  Last Wednesday after work, I randomly shoved the food I had set out to cook dinner back into the fridge and on a whim, we hit the quasi-open (come on it’s California, there’s never an open road) road and set out to push the reset button.


IMG_2915It’s seriously hard living in SoCal.   A 10 minute drive and a quick hour on the beach and we found starfish, dolphins, got sand stuck in uncomfortable places and watched the sun set over Catalina Island and connected with each other again.  1 hour & 20 minute investment that paid off in dividends.

In the same way, Sunday’s race was just a way to reset my running batteries.  Lately I seem to have lost my running mojo – and the bum foot wasn’t exactly helping either.  With Boston under 3 months away, it was time to get my mojo back.

Instead of the sometimes *almost* fun stress of a race day, pressures and expectations, it was nice to just set out with friends both before and after and just run for the heck of it.  As I watched runners anxiously line up, I was thinking of ways to entertain myself along the course…like doing fad dance moves near the photographers, counting the compression socks, etc.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Chan

Sarah Margot and myself:  Photo Courtesy of Sarah Chan

Don’t believe me on the fun factor?  Trust me when I say CLICK HERE – laughs will abound and you will see just how serious we were 🙂

Post-race, I’d say the reset button worked!

What’s your reset button?

Where’s your favorite place to go near your house for fun?