It’s a Boston Miracle

Still Strideless

It’s a Boston Miracle!

IMG_2856I wore jeans for 2 days in a row!

I can still keep *mostly* running.

Being the classypants that I am, I’ve staved off actual running injuries while, you know, running the last 6 months.  I, however, have failed miserably at avoiding “walking” injuries.  You know, like spraining my ankle walking out to the car last fall.  And apparently aggravating some serious plantar fasciitis by taking a nice stroll in flip flops the day after a race this week.

I know, I’m a genius.  And lucky enough for each and every one of you, I actually educate tomorrow’s future leaders at a respected academic institution.  World be warned.

The good news:  I can run again in a few days.

The bad new:  It’s probably going to hurt a lot on and off until Boston.

The worse news:  There’s something pre-arthritic in the formation of my foot (and apparently my grandma had whatever it is the doctor was referencing).

So I’m going to ignore the, “Hey you’re 31 and that big toe joint looks pre-arthritic” and focus on “Hey, take it easy, try to run without pushing off your big toe, and make sure to get your Vanilla Ice on” part of the message.

Pictures2So the show will go on.  It might not be as good of a show as I thought (possibly buh bye 3:23 marathon goal), but there will be a show in Boston!


5 thoughts on “It’s a Boston Miracle

  1. The good thing about PF, like you said, is that you can for the most part still run on it. That said, I really, really recommend going bare foot as much as you can in your real life (not the easiest thing, I know). I used to have chronic PF and just ditching the supportive/hard soled shoes and getting into my bare feet all the time nixed it for good.

    Good luck!

    • Okay so I am curious about this as I usually am barefoot and wear minimalist running shoes, but with this whenever I don’t have arch support right now it gets terrible. The podiatrist taped it up and having it fairly supported the last two days I’m finally feeling better walking on it. I’m thinking an ART session might be in the future as well!

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