True Confession Thursday: The Waiting Place


I had a good run scheduled for today…it was all scheduled, planned and ready to go.

But the fact of the matter is that my foot have other plans.

The theme of the last few months has been – stay injury free.  I have quit running whenever I’ve felt any twinges, tweaks, etc.  I’ve not pushed my distance or speed more than is reasonable.

I’ve trained smart.  Okay minus running right after the flu, but that doesn’t explain this:


Apparently the nearly 14 miles I ran on Sunday at a quick pace were fine, but that granny 0.7 mile walk was just too much.  Something tweaked in my foot mid-walk.  And while Tuesday I got out 4.5 miles with no pain during the run, by Wednesday night it was swollen and I could hardly walk.

So that pain led to this….


Check out my gnarly crooked, bent 4th toe. Ewww

And that makes me want to swear, cry and hurl inanimate objects at the wall.  Honestly, the xrays were mostly a precaution because let’s face it, with Boston 10 weeks away, I’m not going to push it too much.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit a sports podiatrist to confirm or deny what the general doc suspects —> likely a sprain, strain or tendonitis in the arch of my foot.  I am hoping this is nothing more than a temporary setback…but we shall see.

When will I run again?  Heck if I know.  Will this impact my training?  I hope not.

The best part was when I was starting to cry full on crying on the couch last night thinking about Boston and my little babes came around and comforted me by rubbing my back and praying for my foot.  I could eat them for breakfast they’re so amazing.

Anyone ever have pain in the arch/ball of the foot that radiated out and swelled spontaneously?


8 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: The Waiting Place

  1. so sorry to hear that…i haven’t been able to run since 1/6. at this point i figure i’ll be out until at least mid-feb which will make my 5/5 (1st) marathon nearly impossible to fully train for. rest up and feel better soon…we’ll get back out there eventually!!!

    • Oh that’s so frustrating about your first marathon! I had to pull out of CIM in December because…get this – I sprained my ankle WALKING TO MY CAR. How ridiculous is that? It was so frustrating!

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