I Need Answers

Rest Day

I’m the queen of random facts and mostly useless knowledge.  Want to know how many Power Ball winning options there are in the lottery?  Approximately 195 million.  Want to know that random story behind the football player on your screen?  I probably know it…

But today, I really need your advice on some things….

Stomach Woes

Where be my obedient intestines?

Where be my obedient intestines?

Getting uber personal here…my stomach has been a mess the last few weeks when I’ve been running.  While normally a quick trip to the bathroom pre-run cleans out the ol’ pipes enough to make it through my long runs, lately I’m maniacally running to find a bathroom mid-run like a toddler finding chocolate eggs on Easter morning.  I’m stopping about every 4-5 miles to go…and it’s ugly.

Yes, I’m going before I run.  And no I haven’t changed my diet or routine much.  And yes I know this is fairly normal, but it sure is inconvenient.  Have any of you ever struggled with this?  Anything work to treat it?

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Am I supposed to wear these?

Am I supposed to wear these?  My only non-black pair of shorts and I never wear them…

Me does!  Yes, my hunt for new running shorts I can claim as “mine” is still on.  In the process, I’ve found Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Easter Bunny, but I’m still yet to find a short I like that I can afford and that does the trick.  My requirements – must be short, need the built in liner/underwear.   Anyone have any good ideas?

Oh and in other short news – I’m so tired of black, but it’s the only thing that hardly shows sweat, and the occasional sprint to the finish bladder leak (sorry peeps, it happens).  Nothing says embarrassing to my kids when I run before school pickup and hear their friends whispering, “I’m sorry, it looks like your mom had an accident today?  Does she need to borrow one of my pull ups?”  What color shorts do you wear?  

Marching On
In my quest for 12 in 12, I need to find myself a March half marathon.  I’m not looking for a race to race or to PR, but to just use as a training run and push myself on a slightly longer run one last time before Boston.  Know of any good March races?


16 thoughts on “I Need Answers

  1. Nothing but great things to say about the Shamrock Half in Virginia Beach. Ill be there! 🙂

    I get stomach issues too. I just have to make sure I drink coffee before runs….tmi….if you know what I mean. It started when I increases by veggie & fruit intake. Hopefully someone else will have more specific info for you.

  2. thankfully, i do not suffer any tummy troubles (except when i eat 4 fiber one muffins the night before a long run… wowsers) but i know LOTS of women that do, and they swear by immodium. so maybe give that a try?? 😉

  3. Have you changed the brand of coffee? I went to a light roast one week and it didn’t clean the pipes ;).
    I would also say the shamrock 1/2 in Virginia Beach…4 beers as a reward :). I am trying to PR that sucker in March!!

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