Run Disney Tink Half Meetup

5 miles
Sporadic Strides

Between last night’s speed work session and this morning’s Tinkerbell Half meetup, I did a lot of varying speeds in my miles.  I had full intentions to run this evening…but we’ll save that story for later 😉

Per usual, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn.  What wasn’t usual was that instead of pulling out my laptop for work for a few hours, I headed out to Disney for the Tinkerbell Half Meetup.

2013-01-18I haven’t run a Disney race nor done a meetup so this was all new territory for me.  Disappointed I was not.


sunrise over the sorcerer’s hat

We’ve always known I’m a little slow to warm up in the mornings.  Check out the grumpasaurus with her arms crossed in the white shirt in the middle.

Photo Courtesy of Run Disney

Photo Courtesy of Run Disney

Don’t worry the caffeine kicked in shortly thereafter and I transformed into my not-so-charming self.  After a brisk start we set off for a 2 mile run through the parks using with my new BFF’s (Jeff Galloway) method (run, walk, run).


Uh, can you see the excitement pouring off my face? A little too excited? No such thing!

No seriously, I got to chat it up with this running legend for about 20 minutes talking running, cold hands, kids, etc…and the official Run Disney photog eventually asked if Jeff would pose with my new friend Jenny and I in front of Cars Land.  Honestly it was the best 20 minutes of the whole event.


Another highlight was meeting Sean Astin...whom my kids absolutely adore from Rudy.  They always refer to it as the “first adult movie” they saw.  And yes, I let them say it like that because it always gives room for a good chuckle.

IMG_2833It was a brisk morning so after a quick ride Radiator Springs Racers (look Ma! no lines!!), we headed inside to a fabulous breakfast spread and some great talks from Disney’s Diet Diva (don’t worry, we talked about what types of pizza we like to order, she gets us *mostly* healthy eating folks) and Ali Vincent who won the ONLY season of The Biggest Loser I have ever watched.

In addition to the awesome tech shirts, all of us received a park hopper ticket for this weekend (including parking!) and there were a bunch of raffles (fear not my losing but everyone around me winning streak is still going strong).

I left super encouraged and excited, until I realized I was a little dizzy.  As I was working throughout the morning, I realized I had the chills.  Which then made me realize I had a fever.  So I guess the flu Strawberrry has been fighting all week finally won.  I’m *hoping* a little Disney magic will resolve this mess quickly so I can run on Sunday.

While it might be a very slow race (perhaps my slowest ever), I didn’t finally sign up for a Disney race only to let the flu win out!


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