Adventures is Cross Training

4 Miles (Days behind…that’s Friday)
Stressy Strides

As I type this there’s some serious cardio madness going on in my living room.  3 half dressed boys are clawing, climbing and pummeling each other relentlessly.  Some might call this “Lord of the Flies” like scene chaos, I call it pre-dinner wiggles.

So this week I decided to amp up the cross-training and attend a PiYo (Pilates-Yoga mix) class at the gym.  I thought it would be relaxing.


Why distance runners don’t do well in group classes.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me?  The best part about running is you go past people….fast.  Here I was forced to sit next to and observe everyone’s idiosyncrasies for a full hour.  It’s really hard to concentrate when the person in your line of sight of the instructor is picking out their wedgie approximately every 3 seconds.  Two words honey, “Go commando.” You can thank me later.

Runner's Feet = not pretty

Runner’s Feet = not pretty

Sockless Joe.  Seriously, I walked in and everyone had their shoes AND socks off. WHAT?!  As I peered around at the pedicured toes, I was grateful that I actually had all of my toenails at the moment and that I had filed down the damaged earlier that day.  While everyone slipped and slid around on the ground, my ridiculous callouses provided some delightful traction for the lunges.

It’s so hard…to walk.  The class seemed pretty benign and while it was tough, it didn’t seem that bad.  Until I had to climb into the back seat of a tall SUV the next day.  And running..psshhh…my legs were like lead not from achiness but tiredness.  That 60 minute class took the life out of my legs for a few days.

-Funny Looking.  The beauty of running is that, at worst, you only see the people around you for 1-2 minutes.  So if you have on crazy mismatching clothes, it doesn’t matter.  Just run faster and no one will see.  Here, my mismatched, hodge podge get up was on display for an hour.

Will I do PiYo again?  I don’t know.  Perhaps there are other options where I don’t have to go barefoot or stare at relentless seat picking that might be a better use of my 60 minutes.

What’s your favorite cross training?
I am partial to my Jillian Michael DVDs- especially since I can wrap them up in about 30 minutes at home, but I’ll try most cross training at least once!

Are you a gym lover or gym hater?
If you’ve been here long enough you know I hate the gym.  My $39/year membership (yes you read that right) is mostly to shower after long runs when I’m not near my house. 

8 thoughts on “Adventures is Cross Training

  1. I loved this post! I am not a gym fan, but head there for swimming (I can do a whole post on bad pool etiquette) and the occasional yoga class. And I do think that, while we are in amazing cardio shape, make us use our muscles differently and you can see how unbalanced our fitness really is!

  2. I’m not a gym fan, but I am looking in to joining one for some cross training options. I like the JM DVDs also, they’re short enough that I don’t get bored, but I also manage to feel like I’ve accomplished something in that time.

  3. I usually rely on DVDs for cross-training, too. All those problems you detailed? I don’t have to deal with ’em in my living room. 😉
    I’m impressed that you tried a new class. Now that you’ve gotten your annual $39 worth you can call it a year!

  4. I’m right with you on the gym hate. PASS.
    I like me some Ten Minute Trainer from Tony Horton (the P90X guy) Fast and Hard. Love it.
    But I am a big fan of some free style, tribalistic type dancing. Just make a 30 minute play list and go insane in the living room. This however has to be done either with kids or completely alone. The Mister doesn’t need to see all of that hot mess…

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