Can You Dig It?

13.5 Miles (Sun-Tuesday)
Squeeze ’em in Strides

It’s 2013 and everyone’s writing about their resolutions, recaps of 2012, and what not.

So here’s my version:  2012 had more good than bad and 2013 is all about taking things 1 day at a time.  Enough said.

Instead of getting into the dirty deets about the past or future, I’d rather tell you about some things I’m digging right now at this very moment.

My Little Buttheads

IMG_2779Could you just eat him up?

IMG_2798Just when I want to ring someone’s neck for erasing my work “to do list” I realize it was done just to write THAT…presh

My New Jacket

So if you are a Costco member, do yourself a favor and run, don’t walk to the store.  If you don’t have a membership – go stand outside and beg someone to take you or do yourself a favor and show up on my front porch and I’ll drive you there myself.  Because you need and I mean NEED this jacket.


Hey who didn’t brush their hair NOR put on makeup today? I showered, that’s one step in the right direction, right?

It’s a wicking, back venting athletic jacket.  Three pockets with zippers (two in the normal hip pattern and one on the upper arm) CHECK.  Thumbholes – CHECK.  Flip over mittens /handcovers- CHECK.  I’m seriously in love with it.

Yes I’m a little too excited, but as I’ve mentioned before Michael Phelps and I have a few things in common (see below), but mostly it’s that I have freakishly long arms.

michael phelps vs. me

So when I find a jacket that the thumbholes actually fit on my thumbs and not in the middle of my forearm, I get a little ridiculously enthusiastic.  It’s like I just discovered that chocolate was added as a food group by the FDA.


Surprise! Thumbholes reaching actual thumbs & tackling the hand covers

You do not know how excited I am that the arms are actually long enough for me.

Oh, did I mention this bad boy is $24.99?!?!?!?!?!

Um yeah.  You’re welcome because your 40-60 degree training will never be the same again for that price.  And with the 80 some odd dollars you saved on this jacket, you can register for a super fun race go to Yogurtland 35 times.

What are you digging lately?

What’s piece of workout gear is the hardest for you to buy?


16 thoughts on “Can You Dig It?

  1. You and Michael were separated at birth! Ok, I need to go to Costco! What a great jacket and great price! Thanks for the tip. Did you know you can go to Marshall’s and get last year’s Boston Marathon jacket for $30? Yep. Don’t have to run it, don’t have to pay the $100 that fools like me paid at the expo last year!

  2. I get really weird about buying a new pair of sneaks. I’m about wearing sometimes until it’s dead, but err, with sneaks that’s not really the best thing to do. But right now, I’m still in Uggs (2 months now!!) because my toes is still broken. It’s either barefoot, or Uggs. Grrrr.

  3. I just bought that jacket and I LOVE it! I’m impressed that my Costco had it since they don’t always good stuff. I’m trying hard not go go back and buy a couple more

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