The Big Guns

12.5 Miles
Scrupulous Strides

With the Boston warning in my head, I set out to do my first longer-ish type run on Saturday morning.  With the goal of 15, I set out on for a cool, crisp jaunt in Camarillo.

The theme of the run was suck, suck more, a little better, then back to sucking again and I squelched the whole deal 12.5 miles in and called it a morning.  Around mile 8 my knee was a bit tweaky.

My head:  Knee, shmee- push through it
My heart:  99 days until Boston, 99 Days until Boston, take one down, pass it around…1 Boston ending injury on your leg.

So I cut it short.  

While I was incapable of pulling out the big guns for my run, I made up for it by busting out the big guns later on at a party and busting some heads…or socking some stomachs.


Seriously, you should all invite me to your parties because I’m such a good guest.  I mean, you’ll save on the food bill by giving your guests a knuckle sandwich.

When do you call it quits and when do you push through?

Where do you draw the line between aggressive and conservative in your training?


6 thoughts on “The Big Guns

  1. I like your approach to saving money on entertaining!

    Sorry your knee was wonky, but I do think you did the right thing. No gain from pushing harder through potential injury.

  2. It’s hard to decide when to quit and when to keep going. I usually ask myself, if the training run is doing more harm than good. If I’m not going to be able to run for two weeks, is it a really good idea to finish the last few miles of a long run? Probably not.

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