Best Laid Plans

A few 5 milers
Some Spins on the Bike
Frozen Solid Strides

I’m still hanging in Chi-town.  And let’s just say nothing is exactly going as planned.

A fun-filled healthy week.

Flu – party of two.  Pneumonia – party of one.

IMG_3800Goodbye high mileage runs.  Hello handful of 5 mile runs in the wicked cold (a slight nod to  Boston there…).

In addition, my sister and I tried to go out for her belated 30th birthday dinner.  My niece selected my jewelry…don’t you love it?

IMG_2741World’s best She She necklace.  Sadly, the world’s worst Mexican food.  Luckily the meal ended with a candid conversations with the owner and we left hungry, bill free, and wielding free tequila.  Still not sure how it happened, but it sure was fun.


Dirty 30 be darned…we shall not feast, but we shall celebrate!

There were a lot of disrupted plans.  In fact, this week I’ve spent a significant amount of time trying to decide if I should continue forging ahead with full marathon plans in 5 weeks.  I’m nowhere near ready…mentally, physically, or enduranceally (my new word!).  Those mental conversations with myself have left me frustrated, flustered and flummoxed.

So instead, I’ve looked at the last week’s events and trying to remember that sometimes, it’s not the end of the world when things don’t go according to plan.  My race schedule will work itself out, I won’t totally bomb Boston if I don’t get a marathon in before then, and sometimes life gives you limes and you get free tequila.

What best laid plans have been disrupted for you lately?
What’s your favorite naughty beverage?


2 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Ugh, sickness! It’s everywhere!! I was down and out with the flu for an entire week and still not feeling 100%. So much for great running in 2013. Hasn’t happened yet!

    Boston will be just fine. Don’t stress. You’ve got this!

    • Oh my word – that flu was BRUTAL. I went out for my first 2013 run today and while the run itself was okay, the 2 potty stops in 3 miles was so not okay. And when are we going to do some Boston prep runs together? This needs to happen!

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