That Chaps Both Sets of Cheeks

5 Miles
Frigid Strides

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently in Chicago (or at least the suburbs).  I’m proud of my Chi town heritage.  In fact, I regularly sport my favorite Oiselle t-shirt….

I was trying to make up for my lack of miles and set out this evening for a 7-8 mile run.  But apparently Mother Nature had other plans.

Though I dressed like a layered freak…

Check out my cutie patootie niece and nephew

Check out my cutie patootie niece and nephew

The run should have been so scenic and serene:  a dusting of snow, barren trees, frozen ponds. It was the stuff they sing about in Christmas carols, how could it not be anything but lovely, right?



It wasn’t enough with the 20-30 mph sustained winds at a balmy 20 degrees outside so mother nature reminded me why I love So Cal by introducing snow 1 mile into the run.  And I’m not talking light fluffy flakes.  I’m talking about pellets of snow/ice that beat into my face.

So 7-8 turned to 5 and I returned home unable to feel either set of cheeks on my body or my hands.  I vowed to set up my sister’s treadmill in order to get through the next week.

And yes, I do recognize I’m a spoiled So Cal brat.  Yes I’m complaining about the bitter cold.  Yes, my kids opened swim trunks and t-shirts while their cousins opened fleece pants for Christmas…but to each his/her own.

When do you call it quits running weather wise?


5 thoughts on “That Chaps Both Sets of Cheeks

  1. The last time I ran in cold weather it was 15 degrees outside, and a little kid at the bus stop that I ran past yelled at me, “are you crazy? do you know how cold it is out here?”

  2. Well, I’m a newer runner and live in Los Angeles, so I’d say I’m a pretty big baby. I had hoped to do about 7 miles today but woke up to pouring rain. I guess I’ll hit the gym. Hope you’re having a great trip!

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