True Confession Thursday: Random Conversations

Ran 4.25 miles Tuesday
45 minutes Trampolining Cross Training Wednesday
Bouncing Strides

It’s been a super random week here in Casa de Striding Mom.  It’s the kind of week that makes me glad for my family, my faith, and red wine.

Some snippets….

#1 – I significantly injured my hand this week – we’re talking major sprain or fracture.  Sadly the only thing I kept thinking was, “Hey, at least I can run, right?!”  (hello…#IAmWarped)

#2 – I had my sons’ birthday party this week (hence the trampolining).   As I carted a car full of kindergarten boys home I asked them if they liked to exercise and was met with a chorus of yeses.  When I asked what they like to do, I got the following responses.



If those answers don’t confirm the fact I live in Orange County, I just don’t know what will.

#3 – Strawberry was not happy with my music choices on the way home from the Holly Jolly Half the other day and was mad…like super mega mad.  It was ridiculous, because my mad 90’s party including fabulous hits like Third Eye Blind and Oasis was practically an Oscar worthy scoring of the weekend.  Vanilla was clearly impressed.


So Strawberry got creative and drafted up this precious little sign and posted it in the window.  I giggled the entire time while he kept grumbling, “Wait until the police arrest you!”.


In accordance with all good parenting handbooks, I informed him the failure of anyone to call 9-1-1 was a result, not of his fabulous creativity, but because he needs to work on his handwriting.  (His teacher’s been working on this at school…kid can spell congruent, but it’s hardly legible).

What are you grateful for this week?

What’s your favorite random cross training?
Other than the obvious trampolining, I actually dig a good roller blade once in a while…but only while I listen to Ace of Bass in my 

8 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Random Conversations

  1. Haaaaa. Oh, Orange County.

    Favorite cross training: this is like a trick question. My FAVORITE thing is to be very lazy. But if I have to pick? I guess yoga. I GUESS.

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