Elf On a Shelf – Try On Your Neck

Rest DaysSilent Strides

In all honesty, I wrote this post before everything happened in Newtown.  It was scheduled to post this morning and I caught it right before it went out and added this. 

Right now, running a race seems so mundane..as it should.  My biggest priority is praying for the Newton community, hugging my kids, and comforting them.

For those of you who have kids…I urge you to read this article about how kids process events like this.  It’s written by researchers who study this exact sort of thing.  It provides great guidance and understanding as to how to handle this.  I got thrust into this headlong when my youngest woke up surprisingly early and happened to catch the TV screen that had the news on.  So we chatted about it all.


Tomorrow morning I am going to get up in the rain and wind to run the Holly Jolly Half Marathon up in Camarillo.  I keep reading about these awesome Elf on a Shelf techniques, but me, I’ll just wear mine around my neck.  Check out the medal.  Super cute eh?

Holly Jolly Medal

Thanks to an idiotic jaunt to my car in the rain running to my car the other night, I slightly twisted my ankle (I’m a sucker for that) and it’s a little swollen so I’ve stayed off of it running the last few days.  It should be all good to go for tomorrow though.

As far as the race, I’m really grateful to the race director Bill Escobar for giving me the opportunity to run this race.  I had high hopes to possibly make this a PR race, but c’est la vie, there’s always another race.

Any races this weekend?

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