True Confession Thursday: Double Trouble

4.5 Miles
Lead Leg Strides

Yep, yesterday was a monster hill workout.  It was fast, it was brutal…and it didn’t feel nice at all, even though I knew it was doing a lot of good – kinda like going to the dentist.

But in more important news…I’m like the luckiest mom in the world because I get not just 1 birthday on Wednesday, but back to back birthday celebrations!  (Double pancake batter on day 1 saves monster time on day 2).

Such the snuggle bug. He spends much time in the crook of my arm.

Such the snuggle bug. He spends much time in the crook of my arm.

So today, on what we’re calling the 13 sandwich (12-13-12) I get to wish my Vanilla Bean the happiest birthday.  This kid is something else – filled with compassion, kindness, humor, and is quite the introvert at times.  Bless his stubborn soul, he once sat in a car seat for 3+ hours refusing to apologize to his aunt.  Methinks he’s got the tenacity in him that just might make him a great long distance runner 🙂

Laguna Hills Half Marathon, 10K and 5K photos by Supersports Photo

Good thing I’ve been doing some speed work this week, the extra cake is catching up!  We still have 4 more birthday celebrations to go over the next week to celebrate with all of the important peeps in the boys lives with these mid-week birthdays.

Tell me about your favorite speed workout?
I need to mix mine up a bit!


6 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Double Trouble

  1. Happy Birthday Vanilla!

    I have a love-hate relationship with hills sprints. on a treadmill to be in control of the %grade. Specifically 3:30 @ 6:53 pace and 5.5-6% incline with the same amount of time rest. do that 8 times and try not to die. woof

  2. I love that pic of him running! I knew they were close, in age, I had no idea their bdays were one day apart. Two of mine have bdays like that, but there’s almost 7 years between them. 🙂

    Your little family seems blessed and happy, indeed.

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