On 12-12-12 my little chocolate nugget turns 6.

And it’s the only day of there year where I have a 5, 6 & 7 year old.

Sometimes life is full of surprises, and when this little man quite literally burst into my life full of energy, spunk and personality, I never could have guessed the journey would have been this fun.


My little “baby” on our first visit together…

So today, I raise a running shoe to my favorite middle son!  Happy Birthday Chocolate 🙂


Yes that’s him holding almost 8 pounds of ribs.  His only birthday dinner requests were ribs, salad and a chocolate cake.  I think he thinks all of the ribs are his…poor thing is sure to be disappointed.

The morning will inevitably start with a video of the birthday wake up, breakfast pancakes, a super special lunch and dinner on birthday boy’s choice.

What are your birthday traditions?

3 thoughts on “12-12-12

    • Oh yes, and he pounded through over half a slab, two helpings of potatoes, a salad, cake and a Dr. Pepper (big treat since you get soda at 6 in our family) and then went to bed, not surprisingly, with a ridiculous stomach ache.

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