You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Seat

But please don’t pick your seat in front of your friends.

4 Miles
Sneaky Strides

I had another quick 30 minute window to sneak some strides in.  You all know I hate the treadmill, but I also hate being cold.  Since it was 45 degrees this morning I just hit the dreadmill.  I’m ridiculous.  And a SoCal weenie through and through.

Which leads me to an issue:  picking my seat.

So I had two pairs of running shorts that I loved.  And I mean LOVED.

First up on deck, my I know their overpriced, but I don’t care because they’re so amazing LuluLemon Speed Short.  

Lulu Speed Short

And then I had the Oiselle Roga that I once again, spent more than I should have, but loved the oh so comfiness.


And then something tragic happened.

They disappeared.

I’m not even kidding. It’s like my washing machine ate my pretty feeling, super comfiest running shorts within a span of 2 weeks.  And I was devastated.

I settled on the much more affordable Under Armour Escapes that I got at Costco for a whopping 15 bucks or something like that.  I ended up leaving having spent more on cheese than my running shorts.  So given this information, I’m impressed that they’ve served me incredibly well for the last few months.

But they’re getting stretchy in the leg band, so they’re moving like TLC and creepin’ to some inappropriate places every time I run.  I’m basically awkwardly picking my pseudo running panties out of my bum every 1-2 miles and it ain’t pretty.

So I need your advice.  What shorts do you love?

My requirements – I like ’em short and I like ’em lined.  And since I have 4 major birthdays in the  two weeks leading up to Christmas, budget friendly would be super helpful.


11 thoughts on “You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Seat

  1. Honestly I only wear either Nike Pro Compression shorts or Nike Tempo shorts. I get a nice discount so I never stray from those and they are as comfy as pajamas. I know it is against the blogging world rules (lol) but I have never even step foot in Lululemon because everyone has said it’s so pricey.

  2. I love my Patagonia nine trails shorts but they are not cheap! I’m thinking maybe some nice person will comment with a good alternative…

  3. Have you ever tried compression or spandex shorts? I always run in zoot compression shorts: They are a little expensive, but you can usually find them pretty cheap on ebay (new of course!) I don’t know if the compression does anything or not, but it definitely feels good! And since it’s tight, there’s nothing to get wedged into funny places. 🙂

    • I have worn compression…but as a mom of a few kids (sorry here comes the TMI part) I need two layers to tame a sometimes unruly bladder. You’re probably sorry you asked eh? 😉

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