‘Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Run

17.5 Miles
Super Giddy Strides

Last Thursday morning I snuck in about 4.5 miles…due to scheduling constraints they had to be faster than I’d like on hills.

As I cruised, I mentally lamented about the fact that lately…it feels like all of my runs lately…well…

they suck.

My legs feel like lead, my mind is in another place, 1 mile feels like 3…and it’s been a while since I had a good old fashioned, endorphin raising, “Ahhh this is why I love this” kind of run.


Dear Trader Joe’s, Your cookies are amazing, but because of your overachieving you’re destroying my marathon training.

This probably has something to do with the foundation I have laid lately which includes things like:

-Not spending time stretching, rolling, etc.

-My food pyramid looking something like: fruits, veggies, Christmas cookies, protein.

-Lack of sleep

-High stress

But Saturday…oh Saturday long run, you changed that.

For all intents and purposes, it should have been a terrible run (more on that later).

But, it turns out, my body and brain weren’t about to let that happen.  I went out at an 8 minute mile and had to literally slow my body down with some coaching (“Um, Sheila, there’s still like, I don’t know 17 miles or so ahead…take a chill pill“) and settled into a nice 8:30 pace spot on for about 13 miles…and then somewhere around there I just picked it up and kicked it in high gear for a fabulous negative split long run finishing with 8-8:15 minute miles.

Sunday morning verdict:  Tired, but not really sore.

Good girl.  A long run “push” at an appropriate pace.  I’ll take it.

And because the magic of my morning’s long run needed to continue, the boys and I bumped into this pretty little fella on the way home.  Ain’t she a beaut, Clark?

IMG_2585Have you had any magic runs lately?

What was the coolest thing you saw this weekend?


11 thoughts on “‘Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Run

  1. i was left with only craptastic runs a few weeks back. the only thing that helped me? more cross training and rest coupled with little running. not what any runner wants to hear but it works! I think i was borderline OVERtraining! Hope your runs get better!

  2. I set myself some arbitrary number of miles I wanted to run for the year and because of a broken toe in the summer it was looking doubtful. Like the lunatic I am I decided to try anyway and churned out too many miles this weekend back to back. The first run was rushed, the second at the end of a long day. The third took place in freezing rain on an exposed but of trail Along the lake and the fourth was cold enough that I couldn’t feel my hands or face by the time I was a couple of miles in. Curiously, those last two felt pretty good.

  3. Not all strides are good strides, but they’re still strides. <- My deep thought for the day. 😉

    I've been experiencing rather painful strides as of late, but euphoric at the same time. Running is a strange drug.

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