True Confession Thursday: Relationship Troubles

12.3 Miles (last two days put together)
Sporadic Strides

Relationships are tough.

We’ve all been there, you know.  It all starts out so innocently.  You are a little late for a meeting.  Then it’s just a skipped meeting here or there.  Slowly but surely the time you spend together is chipped away and widdled down to hardly any time at all.

But as the distance between the two of you grows, so do the consequences.

A little pain here or there.  Slight tweaks at first…twinges if you will.  But eventually you’re rubbed the wrong way and that pain won’t let up and you are faced with the dire consequences of your lack of effort and time spent together.  You realize your mistakes and that it’s time to make wholesale changes.

You will spend time together.

You will make things a priority.

You won’t let the pain set you back any longer.

And so right here, right now.  I must confess I’m struggling with a broken relationship and am facing the consequences.

Foam Roller

I’m so sorry foam roller.  So so sorry.

From here on out I’m not letting my ITB win.  I will spend time with you a regular basis, and that slow and sure letting go of the relationship between us won’t ever happen again.

I promise.

Which leads me to ask:  What have you been neglecting lately that might catch up with you?


7 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Relationship Troubles

  1. I hate ITBS! One thing I will recommend–don’t foam roll on the band itself. For me, it just made things worse. Good luck with it.

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